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  1. npod

    Perique Heavy Blend

    The flake is much better (and different) than Bayou Morning (non flake or bulk).
  2. npod

    My Addled Brain Strikes Again

    I started stocking BJ Long Pipe Cleaners and Obsidian Oil two years ago. I have thousands of pipe cleaners now and plenty of oil (I also stocked up on Dunhill pipe rags before they were discontinued). One of the smartest things I have done. I tell people all the time to stock up on pipe...
  3. npod

    Perique Heavy Blend

    100% Agree! BMF!!! It is good fresh and fabulous at 5 years and magical at 10-15 years.
  4. npod

    Don't Want to Spend a Lot on a Rack

    Yep, that's the case. I have 6 of them and stack them on top of each other with the lid closed. It protects the pipes and also keeps them out of direct sunlight. You can also flip the lid over and set them out flat on a table or prop the lid and use as a display like shown in the picture.
  5. npod

    Don't Want to Spend a Lot on a Rack

    I mostly use these cases instead of traditional racks. I have various racks, but these sunglass cases are fantastic and hold 18 pipes, even larger ones...
  6. npod

    Sam Gawith Pricing??

    I have watched the Sam Gawith drops closely over the past week. SPC was up about a dollar per 50Gr tin (generalization). Watch City was about the same as prior drop earlier this year. The only large price jump was the $17.98/tin at Cup O Joe's and TobaccoPipes. Both of these sites have been...
  7. npod

    Throwback-2012 Chicago Pipe Show

    Memories! I miss that big table at the show.
  8. npod

    Peterson’s Chamber Coating - What A Mess!

    I had the exact same experience with my new Peterson Rua! The bowl coating tastes horrible. I had to completely remove it with sandpaper and wipe the bowl to virgin briar. It is much better. Still tastes funky though. I may end up gifting the pipe to someone else.
  9. npod

    The First Ever "State Of The Cellar" Report

    I cried a little when I saw these photos. Pure, raw emotion. :)
  10. npod

    Hello from Atlanta

    Welcome from a fellow Atlanta pipe smoker.
  11. npod

    Storing in Mylar now

    Mylar is now all I use now for long term cellar storage. Glass mason jars get heavy. I switched over fully about 2 years ago after buying some tobacco from a guy who had it in mylar for 11 years prior. The tobacco was perfect. I'm a believer.
  12. npod

    How Many Blends Do You Have Open at One Time?

    Well I learn something new everyday! Dang Harris, that is a wonderfully simple yet very effective system for storing open tobacco tins. It saves from using Mason jars and I can see that many of the larger containers have like 5-6 tobacco tins of "varying sizes and shapes." So freaking cool and...
  13. npod

    Tobacco Taste !

    This happens sometimes. It is not due to any one thing per se. It is a mystery a faith why it happens. Generally it passes within days to few short weeks. I always stopping all pipe smoking for a short period and you should be fine. God Speed on getting your taste and smell back in harmony.
  14. npod

    Gawith, Hoggarth & Co., Laudisi Please Order

    Ennerdale Plug RDH!
  15. npod

    Your Top Five Burley Blends

    1. Edgeworth Sliced. Full Stop! 2. Uhle's 00 aged in either old McClelland tins or aged with a McClelland stave cube (my preferred method). I also age Uhle's 00 in jars which previously held other tobaccos, like aromatics or Lakelands, or even English blends. These burley leaves get easily...