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    My 7 Day Set Of Classic Pipes Created By Jack Howell

    That is a wonderful 7 day set my friend! I am proud of your focus here and it sure paid off. Lovely stuff.
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    My Sun Bear Review

    I agree. I opened my first tin of Sunbear after it sat for a year. And I let it rest a few days after opening (as I've learned to do with C&D tobacco blends). It is very good. I grabbed more recently when it dropped again.
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    Finally a Nic Hit

    Yep. I love the stuff. Very nice Nic hit for a someone (like me and you) that has high tolerance to nicotine.
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    I'm Needing Some Help w/GH&C Cherry Blends

    I smoke Top Black Cherry with Virgil’s Black Cherry soda very (very) often. One of my favorite combinations.
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    Second Half of the Bowl...

    Took me a few years to learn that this is usually the case. Do a little experiment and when the bowl goes bad and you are fighting the tobacco and simply getting frustrated, dump the bowl and call it quits and look at the tobacco on the bottom and the moisture in the bowl. It is probably wet...
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    Whats Your Favorite Plug Tobacco?

    Wessex Gold Brick is in my top 5. 3Ps Curly Block Salty Dogs ODF Brick
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    Chicago Pipe Show 2020 Plans

    I’m in for Thr-Sun as well.
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    How Accurate is Your Cellar List?

    Mine list is spot on to the ounce! My spread sheet is maintained.
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    JimInks Crashed My Phone

    One doesn't read JimInks reviews, One experiences them. Oh, the same goes for you Pipestud!
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    Ennerdale Flake

    If you search this site you will find a very similar post from me a few years ago. In fact I posted many anti-Lakeland posts. I even gave my stash to the Captain here. Now I love the stuff. Tastes change.
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    Losing Interest IN Cubans

    This is definitely true for me. In fact, I have been giving some Cuban cigars from the humidor as gifts lately. I enjoy not being "on the chase" anymore with either cigars for pipe tobacco. I am more confident in what I like and that is a good place to be.
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    Purchase of New Dunhill (Whitespot) Concerns and Questions

    Follow your heart. Your answer is here.
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    Hello from the "Corn Patch"

    Welcome. I grew up in Des Moines. Cheers to a fellow Hawkeye.
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    Ennerdale Plug

    Yes, it is definitely a real entity. Or at least it was. I know of at least two guys who have smoked it in years past. I did a fair amount of sloothing for it in 2016, but couldn't find any leads, even in Europe. I gave up the chase...
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