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  1. Mr_houston

    Transition Plan Feedback?

    I think you will find English blends easier to smoke than Virginias. I’d suggest the 965 that has cavendish as a good transition blend.
  2. Mr_houston

    Hello from Houston TX

    Hello from Houston TX back to you. Welcome.
  3. Mr_houston

    Do you Dump Ash Mid-smoke?

    I dump ash most every smoke. It improves the burn and the taste. I consider it one of the basics of pipe smoking, which I have mastered. You do seem to be in the minority here on this subject. Now, possibly, I am just not in tune with British humor.:)
  4. Mr_houston

    Zippo for Pipes

    I use a Zippo with the butane pipe insert from Thunderbird. Works nicely.
  5. Mr_houston


    Howdy! Welcome.
  6. Mr_houston

    ***What Are You Smoking, January 2022?***

    Fillmore in a Chacom Cap Blanc with a wide oval shank and stem. I really like the pinch of Latakia in this blend - it adds a subtle richness and complexity. I do wish the red VAs tasted a little redder, if that makes sense.
  7. Mr_houston

    VaPer Advice Please

    I place Virginia tobacco into generally 2 categories - red VAs and golden VAs. Cringle Flake 2021 is a red VA with perique. You description of sour, plum and other ripe dark fruits typically fits that red VAPer category. VApers based on golden VAs, like Luxury Bullseye Flake, will taste very...
  8. Mr_houston

    ***What Are You Smoking, January 2022?***

    Pease Renaissance in a twin-bore oil cured Radice bulldog.
  9. Mr_houston

    Starting a pipe club, tips?

    Your idea to approach your local pipe shop is a good one. It would be good for their business, so they ought to be helpful. Their customers are your best targets for participants. Maybe they’d post a notice for you. Get everyone’s email address when you start and send reminder emails for...
  10. Mr_houston

    ***What Are You Smoking, December 2021?***

    Escudo in this Ferndown Bark poker with silver band. This is a brand new tin given to me at Christmas. I haven’t smoked Escudo in years. I have some old tins stashed away, but wanted to try the new production after reading the complaints about it. I have to say, I am really enjoying it.
  11. Mr_houston

    Gifting Tobacco

    Plum Pudding seems to be very popular with a wide range of pipers. There is a special reserve blend of it available now in 4 oz and on sale at Smoking Pipes. Link
  12. Mr_houston

    Wilderness Review

    Back when the McClelland Syrian blends were available, I took 5 blends to a pipe club meeting for sampling. The group favorite was Wilderness. Mine was 3 Oaks Syrian.
  13. Mr_houston

    ***What Are You Smoking, December 2021?***

    Wessex Curly Block in a Radice Rind twin-bore. This is such a good blend of tobacco.
  14. Mr_houston

    Show Us Your Radice Pipes

    That’s a great looking pipe!
  15. Mr_houston

    Missed Out On Syrian Latakia

    Syrian is very different than Cyprian. Softer. More incense than smoke. When I was starting out, the guys in the shop were all smoking lat bombs. It smelled like burning tires to me. Then, I got to try Ashton Celebrated Sovereign - a med strength Syrian latakia English blend. That blend...