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  1. mortonbriar

    Revisiting an Old Comrade

    There is a certain fondness for pipes that have been in the collection some time, my avatar pipe I lost maybe 2 years ago, and although it did not have the best draw, I still sigh wistfully when I think of it missing from the fold...
  2. mortonbriar

    Cotton Boll Twist

    It's way too much for me, I don't think I got even 5 minutes into a bowl o' boll before I was head swirling dizzy and very close to throwing up...great for the heavy hitters though!
  3. mortonbriar


    "Thats a good smoker" is what I say, or not. Its usually because the draw is right, the bit is comfortable, and the weight is fine. The material is in actual fact, immaterial.
  4. mortonbriar

    PSA: Water Flushing Risks

  5. mortonbriar

    School me on What I Bought

    I know its off topic, but this is the second time I have been puzzled by this, what is up with the fan under your table? and what is that wooden contraption on top? it looks like a leg from a coffee table or something.
  6. mortonbriar

    Luxury Bullseye Flake

    I reckon some of these solid bulk flakes would be all out of stock if they offered them in fancy tins...
  7. mortonbriar

    PSA: Water Flushing Risks

    And you had a #1 quick whiz in the pants!
  8. mortonbriar

    PSA: Water Flushing Risks

    Sounds like urine luck.
  9. mortonbriar

    Pipe tobacco cut preference

    I like the variety more than any one individual cut, it is part of the novelty of the hobby I guess. I more frequently pack something that is ribbon or rubbed out because it is ready to go, but I enjoy all the more involved versions too. Shag took me a long time to be able to smoke it...
  10. mortonbriar

    I Keep Broken or Poorly Described Pipes 1% of time

    You must have a point here, but every time I tried to read it again, I got distracted by the picture of the pipe! what an interesting creature!
  11. mortonbriar

    Navy Flake

    NEWMINSTER! NEWMINSTER! NEWMINSTER! Kind of enthusiastic about the ol' #400.
  12. mortonbriar

    PSA: Water Flushing Risks

    Why should you care? Your kids are of an appropriate age to blame for piss puddles still...
  13. mortonbriar

    Our Forum Member Resident Artists

    So your 'back the blue' motto is a Kazam fan club thing? He looks great by the way!
  14. mortonbriar

    Balls, Tobacco Balls!

    Do they come in a sack?
  15. mortonbriar