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  1. matchstickman

    Any Magic: The Gathering Players Around Here?

    Yeah the commander format I've come to find is about the most "budget" (I use the term loosely) format around, and constantly having an option for a game either at the shop or at my biker friends house means I always have someone to game with. The multiplayer aspect is a ton of fun, and...
  2. matchstickman

    Any Magic: The Gathering Players Around Here?

    So I picked up Magic: The Gathering back around 94 or 95 from my brother who was pretty big into it at the time. I used to play with him and his friends and played continuously until the end of the original Urza's block, then dropped out of the game for a while. I introduced a friend to it...
  3. matchstickman

    Favorite Pipe Shape ?

    I got on a Danish Freehand kick a couple of years ago and still have a couple of beautiful pieces in my collection, but for me, I prefer simplicity and function over whimsy any day. Give me a solidly engineered bulldog or billiard and I'm a happy guy. Although I have to admit, I wouldn't mind...
  4. matchstickman

    Check Out this Collection!

    Uuummmmmm.....damn. 8O
  5. matchstickman

    Strange Taste at the Bottom of the Bowl

    In my day, I've owned a lot of pipes and broke my face on a lot of mistakes and mishaps that were due to piss poor technique. Of all the things that I've done and learned, I've never had a pipe that got damaged beyond repair due to hot/poor smoking, so I'm sure that you're doing just fine. Like...
  6. matchstickman

    The Tobacco Choices of Pipe Makers?

    C&Ds Briar Fox was apparently either a direct choice of or a close approximation to the preferred blend of pipe maker Peter Heeschen(sp?). Jim Boswell also said that he created Northwoods out of his desire to have a light English that he could smoke all day.
  7. matchstickman

    Clogged bent vulcanite stem.

    I actually had this issue on a high grade Nording that I bought used. There was a kind of defect when the stem was drilled that made it so that bits of cleaner would clog one of the openings whenever I would clean it, and it was getting to be a real pain in the butt. At the suggestion of someone...
  8. matchstickman

    Prodigal Son Returns

    Just came back to the forums myself for roughly the same reasons Simenon. I always enjoyed seeing you on here and am glad that you decided to come back. Welcome!
  9. matchstickman

    Butane Lighters?

    newbroom, I will have to try that. I think I have a roll of hemp wick around here somewhere that was given to me by a good buddy of mine.
  10. matchstickman

    Charcoal Grill Advice for a Newbie?

    So just an update, here's a pic of my latest effort, which turned out great, but I have decided after today to invest in a charcoal chimney because I have a feeling this will make life a lot easier. I have also decided that I am going to be that guy that drags the grill out when there's 10...
  11. matchstickman

    Just Made My Own Leather Pipe Roll (Pictures)

    If you were to make another one of those with brown leather I would buy one in a snap. That looks really great! Congrats!
  12. matchstickman

    Butane Lighters?

    I can second any one of the Xikar lighters, bought one some years ago that went kaplooey on me but every lighter has a lifetime guarantee, so if it fails, they'll fix or replace it free of charge. I have used the two that I have quite a bit and have no complaints about them, I just have to find...
  13. matchstickman

    Greetings from Chicago

    What towns are along that route? Route 66 goes through Pontiac, got a lot of family in that area. Edit: Just looked it up, that's a little north of my area still but I've been through Kankakee once or twice.
  14. matchstickman

    Thunderstorm in Connecticut — going to the dogs

    When we first adopted the dog, he got scared at some of the weirdest things. As a puppy he was hit by a car, and for the first month or two that we had him, I couldn't get him to ride anywhere to save his life. Now I can't keep him out of the car. Weirdly enough, though, whenever it starts...
  15. matchstickman

    Charcoal Grill Advice for a Newbie?

    Ummmm...Pretty sure that could be taken the wrong way by someone. :rofl: I do love me a good steak, but being diagnosed with gout last year, doc gave me a list of foods that I have to limit myself on, and unfortunately beef is one of those foods. The wife can still eat steak though, so she...