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  1. litup

    Cringle flake

    Midnight as in last night. For me on the west coast it was available at 9:00 p.m. on December 1st.
  2. litup

    Pipe storage ideas

    Those are ventilation holes.
  3. litup

    Pipe storage ideas

    Not the best picture but it shows my Savinelli pipe cabinet (hanging on the wall) and three of my pipe racks on the table below it.
  4. litup

    Sad News, Harris Has Passed

    He was a legend here and I will miss his posts. If you speak to his family, please pass along how much we appreciated him and will miss him.
  5. litup

    Coffee. What do you like and how do you like it?

    I subscribe to Trade Coffee and get a new blend delivered to my doorstep every 10 days or so. They supposedly pick out coffees based on my profile and reviews of previous blends. I typically really like most of what they send me. But what I really like is the variety. It keeps me from going...
  6. litup

    Sam Gawith in stock at Smoking Pipes

    Weird. It looks like all pipe tobacco other than SG is part of the sale.
  7. litup

    Sam Gawith in stock at Smoking Pipes

    I paid $13.20 a tin in January 2021. The extra $1.80 they are asking right now is in keeping with the general rate of inflation this year coming in at about a 13.5% increase in roughly 22 months.
  8. litup


    I was an English major with an emphasis in writing (a creative writing major, in other words) so I do enjoy a lot of poetry. A lot of what I like would be classified as "contemporary" American poetry. My favorite poets are Robert Bly (his early work mostly), Charles Bukowski, Donald Hall...
  9. litup

    Cellaring: How Much is Too Much?

    $5 in 2001 that turned into $65 in 2012 is roughly a 23.85% annual rate of return.
  10. litup

    Sacramento Pipe Club

    I met a couple people at the Las Vegas pipe show from Northern California that didn't realize we still had a regular pipe club going even though most of our tobacco shops have closed. So I thought I'd put out a little PSA to those of you who might live near Sacramento, California. If you're...
  11. litup

    Verifying Date of Tin of Tobacco?

    I get more involved than I need to when keeping my cellar spreadsheet. The first thing I do when I get a new tin in the mail is put a little sticker on the back that has a number on it and I treat that as a personal serial number. I make sure that when I enter the info on the spreadsheet...
  12. litup

    Business Insider Video About Meerschaum

    The mine they showed in the video looked like an OSHA nightmare.
  13. litup

    Business Insider Video About Meerschaum

    Business Insider produced an interesting video a few days ago on mining meerschaum and producing pipes in Turkey and tries to explain why the pipes are so expensive. After watching this video, I'd actually make the argument that most of these pipes are relatively inexpensive compared to the...
  14. litup

    C.S. Lewis & His Pipes.

    You probably know this already, but they both died the same day as JFK too. There's a novel called "Between Heaven and Hell" about the three of them meeting in purgatory and having a philosophical discussion. I read it but it was so long ago I can barely remember if I liked it or loved it.
  15. litup

    Hello from North Idaho

    Welcome from a former Spokane resident. I've been to Bonners Ferry before but I don't think I've gotten much closer to where you live than that. Absolutely beautiful part of the world.