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  1. lightmybriar

    Dunhill Stem Question

    Oftentimes, the subsequent year may be stamped onto a pipe if the pipe didn’t leave for a store in the year that it was made. For example, a pipe may have been made in 1955, but didn’t leave the factory until ‘56, so it would have the date code for 1955 and then another date code for 1956. Your...
  2. lightmybriar

    Dunhill Stem Question

    Cumberland (or more properly, “brindle” stems puffy ) were used on Root Briars throughout the 1930s. Regarding the EX, I believe it means the pipe was given out as a replacement under Dunhill’s warranty. Check Pipedia, it has tons of Dunhill information there!
  3. lightmybriar

    New Falcon Meer

    Here is mine when it was new.
  4. lightmybriar

    New Falcon Meer

    I have a meer falcon and I love it! Glad you like yours.
  5. lightmybriar

    New Dunhill Billiard...Real? Or Fake?

    The DUNHILL stamp to me looks like 1970s to my eye. Post some more photos for us once you receive it!
  6. lightmybriar

    New Dunhill Billiard...Real? Or Fake?

    Don’t worry yet. The photography isn’t the greatest. There’s enough authenticity that it wouldn’t alarm me. More nomenclature may be evident once the pipe is in your hands. Additionally, people are devils with buffers and some nomenclature may have been buffed off. Don’t panic yet.
  7. lightmybriar

    Threaded Metal Tenon On Dunhill

    Based on the time period your pipe is from, the lack of a dot means it’s a replacement stem.
  8. lightmybriar

    Confused About Stems

    It could be a stem issue, but it also could be the airway in the briar itself. Also, switching stems is a difficult thing because most likely the tenon of a new stem (the part that gets inserted into the wood) won’t match the mortise (the receiving opening). A new stem will have to be custom...
  9. lightmybriar

    My Estervals Order Was Sent By USPS To Customs And Has been Shipped Back To Germany

    This happened to me with a pipe I bought from Gustavo Cunha in Brazil. Same story “insufficient address.” The address was perfect. Happened two times in a row, and I was never notified. Finally he sent it to me via DHL. Weird.
  10. lightmybriar

    Parting With the Pipe.

    I wish you well and am sorry to hear about your health. Things like this await us all, I imagine. As I’m sure you know, you are always welcome here, and hopefully that is able to take some of the sting away.
  11. lightmybriar

    What Should I Expect with This Type of Pipe?

    I have a Falcon with a completely meerschaum bowl and it smokes just fine! I would recommend them.
  12. lightmybriar

    Ashton Wanna-Be

    It’s definitely the original stem. Every pipe in this line has a stem like that. It’s an interesting run of pipes. All of mine have been excellent.
  13. lightmybriar

    1920 Amber-Stemmed Dunhill Fitment

    Amazing pipe, by the way.