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    Happy Birthday to Me! (PIC Heavy)

    Happy Birthday! Looks like a great set of gifts.
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    Who In History Would You Most Like To Share A Bowl With?

    I'd have to say my Uncle Bernard (long deceased). It was his pair of Grabows sitting on the shelf of his Library Cabinet that caught my eye. I used to sneak them out to smell and pretend I was smoking them.
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    Do You Have a Different Hobby?

    I also have a Vespa 150 Primavera, and a Harley Softtail Slim S. I don't really consider them "hobbies" - but I like riding.
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    Do You Have a Different Hobby?

    Photography and my hot rods keep me busy as well. Plus I do a little stand-up comedy from time-to-time.
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    ...And One Pipe To Rule Them All

    I'm a tactile person in that I can't stay with one shape or texture. I have about 25-30 pipes, and find that my tastes have changed and my collection reflects that. Having said that, I tend to go for my Rick Black kinda Rhodesian/Bulldog Morta. It's not as refined as many artisan pipes. It's...
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    Long Time Away

    Hey all! I looked up and something like 8 months had passed. Reset my PW and here I am. What a rough 2019; lost my Dad, our long-time companion dog and underwent two knee surgeries. I don't think I've smoked my pipes for almost 2 years (maybe once or twice) since my dental surgery. Hope I...
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    Photo Test Thread

    Testing along...
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    My Happy Anniversary

    Happy Anniversary! I once went searching for my balls in my wife's purse. I thought I had one until I realized it was an EOS egg shaped lip balm.
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    Here in Ohio, I regularly see at least one pipe smoker at hotrod and vintage car gatherings. Usually sitting near their car.
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    Why did you start pipe smoking

    As a kid, I visited family including an uncle that seemed to have Grabows setting in his glass door library cabinet. I used to sneak a pretend puff out of it and be repulsed by the taste. Regardless I was still fascinated by the shape and feel in my hand as a kid. I also used to play with the...
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    Renaming The Smoking Thread

    I would love to see a Fishnbanjo tribute thread or section wherever it's appropriate. I like the idea of adding pics, but not a requirement for the thread.
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    Very sad news

    How can the loss of someone I've never met in person hit me like this? RIP fishnbanjo - we'll keep it smokey for you from here.
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    2 New Ryan Alden Devil Anse Pipes w/ Orific Stems

    PAD Level Increase Warning
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    What Pipe tops Your PAD List Right Now?

    A Ryan Alden commission would be nice.
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    Desk Top Versus Laptop

    Fair point; however I will say that a number of Win based laptops have also eliminated the onboard CD/DVD/DVR drives. Reducing USB drives - unforgivable (but you can get a USB octopus). Forcing into Thunderbolt and Firewire - bad; optional good. Thanks for reminding me of that changing trend...