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    Experience with Synjeco's?

    Yo bro - I ordered from Synjeco several years ago, and it went well. They have a number of interesting blends. There's a discount on shipping for first timers. hp les
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    My New KJ Pipes Bamboo Blast

    I have a lovely KJ that's very similar, except for being a smooth. My little jewel is a first class smoker. Enjoy. PS - Kadesh harvests his own bamboo.
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    One Good Reason To Not Trust Online Dictionaries!

    Decades ago, I recall reading in Newsweek that a pharma almost named a new drug 'Damitol' hp les
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    How Are Becker Pipes Nowadays?

    Yo ame - Becker fan here. I think the last several years of Paolo's production may have had a lot of Federico's input. hp les
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    Testy Cigar Customer at Cigars International...

    Think this would have happened with a pipe smoker? Pipsters seem more chill than 'gar aficionados. hp les
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    Why Prof. Einstein Smoked Pipe This Way?

    Yo Rich Funk - my definitive answer: one of the Morley's PC members grew up in Germany. He told me it is common practice there to leave a gap with the stem to make it easier to pull off the stem mid-smoke and shake out condensation. The official Slow Smoke Comite rules allow this, especially...
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    How Deep is Your Cellar?

    Well, I need to update my spreadsheets. I've been delinquent since we moved recently and things are still in boxes. My wife thought I needed more room for my tobacco, ffishing gear, Scotch and wine, so the new house is more than twice the size of the place I was perfectly happy in for 43...
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    Cellar Depression

    Cheaper than therapy.
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    I Like 'Em All!

    Yo scruf - welcome from West Chester. Are you in the Southeast? There are two wonderful pipe clubs: the downtown Philly one meets monthly (before the Pandemic, that is) at the Pen & Pencil Club. The Lehigh Valley PC is younger but very enthusiastic, meeting at The Wooden Match in Bethlehem...
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    Sasieni Perfect Ten (Ten Dot)

    Yo cshu - nice pix and story on your TEN. I have a few Sasienis, including a very recent, non-pedigreed one that actually is an excellent puffer. Those old Britwoods are favorites of mine, since they are often smaller, making for a right-sized smoke for me, and being well seasoned as well as...
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    Samuel Gawith Virginia Shootout

    Yo rush - very nice writeup. I find BBF to me more consistent that FVF. Some of my best smokes have been with FVF, but sometimes a bowl is just so-so. hp les
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    Is Wessex Gold Slice

    Yo BRO I'm with hoosie. What WGS is close to is John Aylesbury Luxury Virginia/Classic Flake, in turn very close to their Sir John's Flake Virginia. hp les
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    Another Fishnbanjo Pipe!

    Nice! Who's the carver? hp les
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    Philly's Morley's PC Wednesday 18Mar 7:00pm

    Another casualty of the COVID19: our fine venue Pen & Pencil is shut the time being. So no March Morley's. Hopefully April will bring relief. hp les
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    Philly's Morley's PC Wednesday 18Mar 7:00pm

    Our March Morley's isn't quite the Ides of March, being the 3rd Wednesday again - 18Mar. 7:30pm at the Pen & Pencil Club as usual. But the kitchen situation is still unsettled, so don't count on meal service. However, there will be plenty of libations and tobacco available. We can compare tales...