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    Philly's Morley's PC Wedsnesday 12Feb 7:00pm

    February's Morley's will be early this leap month: in fact it's next week, on Wednesday the 12th. Pen & Pencil Club as usual at 7:00, though the doors open at 6:30. Hot food and drinks will be dispensed by Shannon. The week after will the IPSD, on Thursday the 20th. Some of us will join the NJ...
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    Estate Pipes in NYC

    A hack that improves your negotiating position if you go the thrift shop route is to ask not about pipes, but rather about pipe racks. When they get racks in, they usually have pipes in them. hp les
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    Hey All, from Pennsylvania

    Yo Mork - welcome to PM! Are you from Eastern PA? There are a couple of great pipe clubs on this side of the Keystone. hp les (West Chester)
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    If You are Wanting a Nice Pipe from Sante's Estate

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) - Bob If you are after a nice pipe from Sante Giuliani's collection, one of his very good friends is helping out his widow. He has been putting them, a few at a time, on EBay. His Seller name is lumpyslures (mind the 2 "S"'s) and for a non-pipe...
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    Philly's Morley's PC Wednesday 15Jan 7:00pm

    Our first meeting of the decade will be the third Wednesday, 15Jan. As usual we will be at the Pen & Pencil Club at 7:00pm, for pipes, conversations, served drinks and hot cooked to order meals. What is not usual is that our bartender and manager Dan Kenney will not be there - he passed away...
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    Short Question About Wessex Tobacco

    Yo bur It's not uncommon for brands being made explicitly for export markets to be unavailable in the home country of manufacture. Witness the (un)availability of the fabled Esoterica in Jersey, or for that matter, the entire U.K. However, some detective work may determine that some of your...
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    New and Looking for Conversation

    Yo Bran What part of the world are you? Maybe there's a nice pipe club nearby. hp les
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    The Pipe Club - Sonoma County *FIRST MEETING SCHEDULED*

    Yo 7cha - good on you for your initiative. Pipe clubs are a wonderful in many ways. I get out to the Bay Area several times a year and always try to schedule so that I can make the Golden Gate PC at Telford's. It's always a great time. hp les
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    Top Shelf VA Flakes?

    I'm with hoosier - whatever the chemistry mechanism, something similar happens with red wines. It is well known that the wine flavor improves once you pull the cork and let the wine sit and air out for 20 minutes or so. Some fanciers use decanters for the same reason. It is also well known...
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    Philly's Morley's PC Wednesday 18Dec 7:00pm

    Due to holiday scheduling, December's Morley's is this Wednesday, the 18th, rather than the usual 3rd Thursday. A couple cars' worth of members went up to the Northeast Slow Smoke Event/Kaywoodie Holiday Party, resulting in some goodies coming home. Bill Bell also went to the PSD meetup at...
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    Latakia Mixtures With Strong Nicotine

    Yo smo - C&D's Bow Legged Bear might fit your criteria. It's aptly named. hp les
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    Chicago People: Did Hugh Hefner Hang Out At Iwan Reis?

    At the big (huge) pipe show in Pheasant Run, the rumor was that the 'grotto' way in back which was the owner's suite had once been a Playboy Club type venue. hp les
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    Philly's Morley's PC Thursday 14Nov 7:00pm

    November's Morley's will be next week, the second Thursday 14Nov due to holiday scheduling. At the Pen & Pencil Club as usual, 7:00pm. Those planning to go to the Kaywoodie Holiday Slow Smoking event on 14Dec can organize car pools. hp les
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    Philly's Morley's 25th Year Anniversary meeting Thursday 17Oct

    Join us for the 25th Anniversary Dinner October 17th Pen& Pencil Club 1522 Latimer Street, Philadelphia. Guest Speaker William Serad (P&T "Trial by Fire" reviewer and creator of the Serenity series) Dinner choice of steak, chicken or fish $18. Let me know your choice if you haven't already told...
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    Slightly Weird Tad Question!

    yo green - fear not, re Holly's Discovery is much different than Holly's NPU, being an Oriental forward version of Old Ironsides. hp les