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  1. laniromee

    New Moonshine Pipe

    I clench. A moonshine button is a little on the fat side, but makes for a very steady, secure hold on the pipe between the teeth. I'm okay with it.
  2. laniromee

    New Moonshine Pipe

    You just can't go wrong with a Briarworks or Moonshine pipe. I own close to 10 moonshine pipes and each and every one of those are pure gold. Not only do they present great smoking properties, they also offer imaginative and attractive shapes and quality finishes way above their price point...
  3. laniromee

    Poker Club

    From front to back: Tom Eltang, Chris Askwith, Moonshine Pipe Co., Briarworks, Savinelli Oceano, Morgans Bones and Missouri Meerschaum!
  4. laniromee

    Who Makes Your Favorite Stems?

    Handmade: Tom Eltang. Factory(ish): Alan Brothers, but the first ones. The new ones have huge buttons.
  5. laniromee

    Father the Flame Mini Episodes

    I really enjoyed the movie. But it's not a movie about pipes or pipemakers or briar cutters or tobacco. It's about legacy. It's beautiful and very bittersweet.
  6. laniromee

    My First Askwith Pipe

    Congratulations! I am a big fan of Chris Askwith. He cuts his own morta blocks and leave them to dry for at least one year before making pipes from them. Really nice fellow too and very easy to talk to. My very own first fully handmade pipe was comissioned from him. Very reasonable price for...
  7. laniromee

    Show Off Your Barlings Here

    Wow, thank you so much, @sablebrush52! I won't tell how much I paid for it because it was a steal. I think the previous owner didn't have much of a clue of what he had and I'm glad I do now thanks to you! The blast on this piece is gorgeous:
  8. laniromee

    Show Off Your Barlings Here

    Hey! I know very little about Barlings but I have just acquired one from the local B&M because I fell in love with it. It's an estate crossgrain sandblasted straight billiard: Maybe someone can tell me a little about it? @sablebrush52, can you help me?
  9. laniromee

    Dedicating Pipes

    When I first started building up a pipe collection I too used to dedicate certain pipes to certain categories of tobacco. But nowadays since I don't, never did and never will, smoke lakelands, I just smoke whatever in whatever. To me, the implied benefits of dedicating pipes are not really worth...
  10. laniromee

    Hello From Brazil and Asking For Suggestions!

    Hello! Did you have the opportunity to try any of the new wave of Brazillian pipe tobacco yet? I'm quite fond of Little Witch blends myself. As for importing tobacco to the country I may need to ask some tips from you. Do you mind if I PM you with some questions?
  11. laniromee

    Peterson or Savinelli?

    Not the biggest fan of either, but given the choice I would go with Savinelli. But if I could I'd rather invest that money on a Stanwell or Briarworks pipe.
  12. laniromee

    Help Me Pick A Pipe!

    I would commission a Micah Redmond sandblasted squashed tomato. Shallow bowl, sturdy walls, danish/american industrial aesthetics and right at your price point:
  13. laniromee

    Recommended American Artisans For a Commission

    For me, at that price point (and even a tier above that), C. Kent Joyce just can't be beaten. Also you may want to check out Sean Reum, who is starting to make very good blasts. For outside the US, I would recommend Gustavo Cunha from Martelo pipes. For me, his blasts are the best out of the...
  14. laniromee

    Poker Club

    Here's my 7 days rotation poker set!
  15. laniromee

    What's Your Strangest Pipe Selling/Buying Story?

    I'm good friends with the couple who owns the B&M close to my house. One day they got hold of the estate of a collector and wanted me to have one of his pipes, a kkkk "Castello" grade cherrywood. They asked so little money for it that I had to refuse as I felt they could get a much much better...