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  1. kurtbob

    Regional Delicacies / Specialties Of Your Area

    Well, here in SE Georgia it’s the wild caught shrimp. Half of the town where I live are shrimpers, totally amazing!
  2. kurtbob

    Hello from Virginia’s Blue Ridge

    Welcome from SE Georgia!
  3. kurtbob

    Hi from Amsterdam, Holland

    Welcome from Georgia in the states!
  4. kurtbob

    PAD! One Heckuva Day!

    Nice sir…….nice!
  5. kurtbob

    New Castello

    Very nice pipe and beverage choice sir!
  6. kurtbob

    Tongue bite test how do you test it?

    Seriously though, I love the flavor and I also find it smooth but that damn chemical reaction with my tongue is straight up 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  7. kurtbob

    On Using Wet or Dry Pipe Cleaners

    I have found that when I dip my pipe cleaner in any sort of alcohol, it burns when I urinate.
  8. kurtbob

    Dropped Pipe (resurrected thread)

    Just last night, I was clenching my Don Carlos XL Lovat when my wife made a comment and I replied. Damn pipe left my face, dumped contents on my shirt and fell into my shirt pocket…….holes everywhere 🤦🏻‍♂️
  9. kurtbob

    Tongue bite test how do you test it?

    Smoked all kinds of blends over the years and never had it happen. Tried Granger….. lit my mouth up like eating a colony of fire ants! Don’t think there’s any way to “test for it”, just keep on truckin till it hurts
  10. kurtbob

    Missed Opportunities Or Things You Wish You Had Done.

    WFO since 1978. No need for regrets or a need for mid life crisis. 3 major armed conflicts, raised 6 kids and many more from the military, 4 wives, road racing motorcycles and have lived in or spent time in many different country’s. I sir am very good with peace and serenity at 56 years on this...
  11. kurtbob

    What Time of Day do you Enjoy your Pipe the Most?

    Uh…….any time I’m awake?
  12. kurtbob

    An AHA Moment

    Isn’t it technically an ah-ha moment???
  13. kurtbob

    Pipe for which to Smoke Meat?

    Well, if you smoke as many bowls a day as I do. The math works out to roughly 6 hours to smoke the turkey breasts = all mentioned pipes get utilized 😉. You may have to adjust the PBR quotient for effect
  14. kurtbob

    Hello From Eastern Kansas!

    Welcome from SE Georgia!
  15. kurtbob

    Taming a bitey beast?

    I over the years have smoked everything to include aromatics that I would call less than stellar quality and NEVER experienced tongue bite. Then one day I tried Granger, the flavor was awesome but damn……it hurt so bad that I couldn’t even drink water without a great deal of pain. I’m 100% in the...