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    ***What Are You Smoking, April 2021?***

    Wilkes PB in an Altinay meer.
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    Whatever Happened To the Pipes In Art Thread?
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    Peanut Butter & Chocolate Tobacco

    I ordered both the PB and PB+C today. I was actually checking if there was a Burley-Peanut Butter blend to mix in to my AM loved seeing that e-mail!
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    What Cigar are You Smoking?

    A beautiful Easter day with a Sin Compromiso
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    ***What Are You Smoking, March 2021?***

    I'll follow Cigarmasters Jack H. lead with a paneled Acorn and some SWRA
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    ***What Are You Smoking, March 2021?***

    F&T Special Brown Flake in a Cavicchi. Changed my oil, got mulch and soil amendments, and smoking flake tobacco before 42 this qualifies as a wild-ass Saturday.
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    Deeming Day?

    ? Nothing in my post touches on/is critical of anything you wrote. 'Inside' info....which is of all flavors and stripes....happens in every business and hobby. People aren't going to rush out and 'share', publicly, that inside stream often. Not even sure we're making a different point
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    Deeming Day?

    While wanting to understand what the heck is happening to blends in the market is 100% understandable from a buyer standpoint (us).....what's to gain from a business/supply chain perspective is a bit more murky. I'd bet, first and foremost, that the exact enforcement/regulatory picture is...
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    What Cigar are You Smoking?

    Bishop's Blend on a nicely warming Saturday here outside Cincy.
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    I Did A Thing

    Great looking pipe....nice shape and outstanding grain. My pipes from Mark are great smokers, he's aces as a long-time carver.
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    ***What Are You Smoking, March 2021?***

    Home from work early...gonna get some John Marr going in this awesome, brand spankin' new paneled magnum Acorn from Jack Howell.
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    ***What Are You Smoking, March 2021?***

    Some Wilkes Chocolate Burley in a gracefully shaped Nachwalter.
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    My 1400 is Burning A Whole In My Wallet

    You can buy a Jack Howell for around that money too if you wanted both worlds (spend-a-stack+buy-a-Jack)....he makes some very nice high-grades The government, in any recent administration, hasn't seen fit to include me in the Covid $....but I'm a real plucky chap who just keeps stimulating...
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    ***What Are You Smoking, March 2021?***

    New Altinay meer, an easy going am smoke with some Amaretto aro.
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    Sergey Cherepanov Blowfish

    Nice pipe ofafeather! I have one that's by Andrey C. that is a spitting imagine and solid smoker. In fact, if yours has GNOM as the nomenclature it's actually by Andrey as opposed to Sergey. The brothers may just make a close take as well.