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  1. jeepnewbie

    How Does Meerschaum Compare to Cob?

    I second the clays they are quite nice. Took a bit of getting use to for me as I like clinching the pipe with my teeth. I personally love both the cobs and meer pipes. Be careful with meerschaum in the colder weather. I've had a couple crack on me, one was a cigar holder I forgot in the car one...
  2. jeepnewbie

    Been Away for a While

    Greetings it’s been a while since my last post. Been away for awhile due to a couple of things. Surgery was one of those things. Pretty much healed completely and decided it was time to get outdoors. Got to go hiking yesterday and enjoy the mountain where I’m visiting. :-) Wore my pipe hat...
  3. jeepnewbie

    Are Increasing Numbers of Pipe Smokers Good or Bad?

    +1 for Warren and also to Papipeguy.
  4. jeepnewbie

    Who will be at the 2017 Chicago Pipe Show?

    I won't make it to this years. Hopefully next years, really bummed about it. I was looking forward to the Father of the Flame update.
  5. jeepnewbie

    Happy Birthday To Me/ Old Cajun

    Happy belated Birthday!
  6. jeepnewbie

    My New Pipe Socks!

    Nice, gets the job done and gives them a cozy place to "rest".
  7. jeepnewbie


    I loved the goodie box I got a couple years ago. So much they still had more and bought another. Mostly for just a couple of the items but enjoyed all of it none the less. Missed out on last years.
  8. jeepnewbie

    What Do You Carry Your Pipe Tobacco In?

    I use the Decatur plaid pouch, as the other pouches I've used that button would rust on the inside of the bag.
  9. jeepnewbie

    St. Louis Pipe Show and Swap - February 18, 2017

    Would like to but doubt I'll make it.
  10. jeepnewbie

    Picture From A Friend

    A buddy of mine who doesn't smoke pipes sent this picture he drew. Enjoy
  11. jeepnewbie

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (December 2016)

    Plum pudding in a clay.
  12. jeepnewbie

    The (un)Official Pipes Magazine Secret Santa - 2016 Edition

    I'm super excited to try these blends out, I've never tried either one before. The yello-bole looks to be a very lovely pipe in hiding. My secret Santa knows I love giving life back to pipes. The pipe stand is also very nice. Thanks Santa!
  13. jeepnewbie

    New Pipe Rack Build

    Very nice looking rack. Do the end pieces slip over the top? I love the looks of the entire thing.