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  1. husky

    Please Advise On First Briar!

    I may be corrected here but you could also look on ebay for good pipes that you like of the brandes suggested here. If you put your budget limit as max bid sooner or later you will get lucky. You can also get very lucky. I got a Savinelli autograph for less than 40$.
  2. husky

    Jar square tins for ageing?

    Doesn't simply sealing the tin with tape work?
  3. husky

    Found Myself a Black Frigate Pipe

    That is a pipe with some personality! Great catch!
  4. husky

    How Do I Remove Gooey Cake?

    Thanks! Hot water and scrubbing did the trick. What do they put in those blends anyway? Maple syrup?
  5. husky

    How Do I Remove Gooey Cake?

    When a started pipe smoking I made the mistake of smoking aromatics so the first pipe I bought, which I like very much, has gooey cake. I have scraped out what I can but there are still sticky remains. Is there a way to remove this?
  6. husky

    A Pipe Smoking Article From 1975

    So in 1975, pipe smoking was on the way up and 2015(?) it is down. Will this 40 year period be called "the pipe era" in future books on tobacciana?
  7. husky

    Stumels and stems for practice

    I filled up the crack in the billiard with CA and sanded it down from 400 to 1200 and gave it some mineral oil. It looked natural when i sanded it but when the mineral oil came on it shows a red hue. Did I not sand deep enough to remove the dye or is it s natural colour of the briar? The...
  8. husky

    Hey Mister! Your Pipe Is Awesome!

    As a newbie and not in the US I am unable to appreciate a lot of the threads about tobacco etc. However one of my greatest pleasures from this forum, since I finally did the web equivalent of shut up and listen, is cultural. Anything from Maigret to music I would never have listened to but...
  9. husky

    Any Experience With Ozone Treatment For Pipes ?

    I don't know the chemistry behind ozone removing odor but it is used successfully to get the "old boat smell" out of yachts and I believe also with smoke damage after a house fire (The resident post pyro guy can probably comment on this?). On the topic, my parents used to pour some white...
  10. husky

    The Subtle Joy Of Tampers

    I bought this fancier version of the multitool but it has a design flaw. When trying to tamp, half of the time the pick gets hung up on the pipe rim. Looking forward to "find" a better one here.
  11. husky

    First restoration attempt

    I think you really improved the looks of that pipe! It looks much more interesting.
  12. husky

    First Attempt At Carving A Pipe From Scratch

    Nice grain! The draft hole enters nicely at the bottom center of the bowl. Give my compliments to the artisan! Looking forward to more pics.
  13. husky

    A Very Supportive Article

    I'm sorry that I was confusing! I should have used "...". It is not a quote from this thread but a quote from somewhere else. The meaning, as I interpret it, is that drinking alcohol is so not questioned that if you don't drink you feel compelled to give an explanation, I'm pregnant, I'm...
  14. husky

    Again We Are Facing to Tobacco Tax Increase

    My guess is that the cigarette manufacturers put so much "stuff" in their tobacco so in the public interest the appropriate authorities said - what you have on the market is okay but from now on every new product you want to market, we want to know what is in it beforehand.