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  1. gregprince

    What Do You Do For A Living?

    I was a family therapist for many years, then Project Director for our two county conglomerate. Now I'm retired and haven't found a minute to be bored.
  2. gregprince

    Columbus Pipe Show

    I'm in Columbus. Hope to see you all at the pipe show. Greg
  3. gregprince

    Proposition To Restrict All New Esoterica Threads

    I just got home, saw the opening post and was about to rise to second the motion for the sake of opening it to the floor for discussion. I guess we didn't need a second. While I have the floor though I will withdraw my motion to ban all threads bashing Dunhills because someone else discovered...
  4. gregprince

    Blends of Blends

    I haven't created any new taste sensations but I have added condiment tobaccos, like latakia, to bland blends to good effect. Generally a good blender knows what he or she is doing. I, on the other hand, may not get what I expect from the tin description.
  5. gregprince

    Pipe #15, A Lovat

    Beautiful pipe. I think it's all been said, including that it's time to invest in a lathe.
  6. gregprince

    Looking for new tobaccos to try

    Did I hear 965 mentioned? Can hardly be beaten.
  7. gregprince

    Girlfriend's comments when I said I wanted to buy a new pipe...

    Sjmiller, I don't have a diagnosis, that I know of, and I don't respond well to ultimatums either. They are a form of violence and that's not how you deal with people you care about.
  8. gregprince

    Pipes that lend themselves to cooler smoke

    I own several, absolutely love a couple of them. They each smoke like themselves, whether the extra length cools the smoke or not will have to rely on a lot of scientific testing that I have neither the training nor the inclination to embrace.
  9. gregprince

    Pipe Smoking Myth #1

    Has happened, but not regularly. Enjoy your smoke and don't worry.
  10. gregprince

    First snowfall of the season

    Yea, time to tune up the skis.
  11. gregprince

    Pipes: Hobby or Investment

    My pipes are for my smoking pleasure. If I calculate what I could sell them for and factor in the pleasure they have given me over the years it's a cheap hobby, but a lousy investment.
  12. gregprince

    The Fate of the Local Pipe Shop

    OK, I don't live in Canada, but I'll always spend a little more to help keep the B&M in business. They have enough going against them without my trying to save a few bucks by putting my business on line and theirs on the line.
  13. gregprince


    Sheesh, Perique! I had no idea that my delicate little feelings should be hurt. Stew is manly, it's thick, it has meat in it, it requires teeth or it's some health nut's poser dish trying to pretend to be something it has no chance of ever entering into the glory of. My comment was a feeble...
  14. gregprince

    First Brylon Pipe in Fifty Years

    It looked pretty rough when I got it. Stains on the bowl and a very heavy cake on the bottom half of he bowl. I sanded it with very fine sandpaper and micro mesh pads. Took down the cake and it looks as good as new. I'd say pretty darned close to indestructible.
  15. gregprince


    What, pray tell, is a contrived politically correct variant on a stew. Stew is stew. Tofu steamed in lettuce droppings can't be stew, can it? Years ago my best friend, whose father was a butcher, developed a stomach ailment and he had to become a vegetarian. I've always pitied him. Now I find...