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  1. GreatWhiteNorthPiper

    ***What Are You Smoking, September, 2023?***

    Smoking some Lane HGL for the first time this beautiful morning in my Rossi Sera billiard.
  2. GreatWhiteNorthPiper

    Rossi vs. Savinelli

    I have a Rossi 8111, and it smokes just as well as my Savinellis. Looks great too. Both are quality pipes in my opinion.
  3. GreatWhiteNorthPiper

    What Cigar are You Smoking? 2023

    Enjoying this Padron Corticos on one of the last nights of summer. A nice smoke but terribly expensive here in Canada.
  4. GreatWhiteNorthPiper

    Hello Fellas; Canadian Pipe Smoker Here

    Welcome from a fellow Canuck in Toronto! You will find this forum very helpful and friendly!
  5. GreatWhiteNorthPiper

    JM Boswell Blends

    I like all of their blends. NoBite Delight, Piper's Pleasure, Boswell's Blend and Christmas Cookie are all really nice, high quality aromatics. I'm not as familiar with their English blends, but I do enjoy their Mild English, which is a nice crossover aromatic-English. Get a sampler pack and enjoy!
  6. GreatWhiteNorthPiper

    A Tobacco Storage Dream Come True

    That, right there, is a thing of beauty my friend. Well done!
  7. GreatWhiteNorthPiper

    New member - Ontario Canada

    Welcome from Toronto! Great to see a fellow Canuck here. You will find these forums an amazing resource.
  8. GreatWhiteNorthPiper

    Essential or Not: What's Missing In Your Pipe Gear?

    I still don't have a really nice, high-end lighter. It's not a necessity but I would love one to make the smoking experience feel more elegant. I also don't have a good travel pipe roll. I see that there are some sellers on Etsy who can customize with your initials, so I'm thinking about one of...
  9. GreatWhiteNorthPiper

    Greetings From Japan

    Welcome from Toronto, Canada!
  10. GreatWhiteNorthPiper

    Good morning from Ontario

    Welcome from Toronto mate! Glad to see another Canuck on here. I hear you about the ridiculously high prices here and the CBSA crackdowns as of late. I also hear you about the outdoors...I also work a pretty high-stress job one of my favourite things to do after a long, hard day's work is light...
  11. GreatWhiteNorthPiper 2023?

    Glad to hear. I have always had success with 4noggins.
  12. GreatWhiteNorthPiper

    Nashville B&M Is Stocked

    That display makes me jealous. Here in Canada, tobacco companies aren't allowed to use their own packaging anymore. Instead, the government mandates that they must use ugly brownish-gray non-descript packaging with basically no description. It's a sad world.
  13. GreatWhiteNorthPiper

    ***What Are You Smoking, June 2023?***

    GL Pease Chelsea Morning in a Rossi Sera billiard on this fine, Ontario morning.
  14. GreatWhiteNorthPiper

    Greetings From London.

    Welcome from Toronto, Canada! You will find this forum extremely useful and friendly!
  15. GreatWhiteNorthPiper

    15% off Mac Baren Tins @ SP

    Compared to tobacco prices in Canada, these are dirt cheap, even if they aren't on sale. A 3.5 oz tin of MacBaren here is about $50 CAD, more for "premium" blends (oh, and don't forget to add the sales tax on top!).