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  1. ghost

    ***What Are You Smoking *** (August 2014)

    Erinmore Flake that I baked and jarred last December. Oh yeah... :puffy:
  2. ghost

    Tragic accident while teaching kids about tie dying

    I hope we can end tie-dying accidents in our lifetime.
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    ***What Are You Smoking *** (August 2014)

    EGR's Pipe Blend in a Savinelli Spring.
  4. ghost

    Regina, Saskatchewan Meet Up.

    Actually he was at the first home game that they won.
  5. ghost

    Regina, Saskatchewan Meet Up.

    Trust me, we are just happy they are back. The honeymoon will continue for awhile. Got my season tickets!
  6. ghost

    Anyone Have any John Calich PIpes?

    Yep, mine has the single dot too.
  7. ghost

    Regina, Saskatchewan Meet Up.

    Ordinarily I'd be pleased to see stuff like this, but after the beatdown my RedBlacks suffered at the hands of the Riders last week I'm not sure how I feel... 8O
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    Anyone Have any John Calich PIpes?

    Very nice skapunk! I've posted mine often on the forums, stamped "Calich Handmade"...
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    Steve Laug

    I'll second that. Reborn Pipes has definitely been a huge part of my restoration education. It's a must read for anyone thinking about restoring, I know I've read every post.
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    Shout out to Pruss & Peckinpahhombre

    Good to see you back!
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    McClelland Christmas Cheer 2014 Is In...

    Thanks for the heads up Rich!
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    New Members, Introduce Yourself!

    Welcome to all the new people!
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    Tasting the Tobacco

    Whenever I try a new blend I find it helpful to do about 10 slow puffs with my eyes closed. I find I can pick out the flavours much quicker, and sometimes can even detect the room note. Often, I'll even cup my hand on the side of my nose and I'll get even more of the aroma. It works well for me...