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  1. ericusrex


    David Warther in Ohio is a certified ivory dealer. He has elephant, mammoth, synthetics, etc.
  2. ericusrex

    Squadron Leader at SP

    I, too, passed. I'm not sure I would still call a yearly release of 4,500 tins "limited".
  3. ericusrex

    Germain’s Tin Dating

    Century was first released only 2-3 years ago, iirc, so those dates don’t sound right. I’ve seen it hit the markets (in the US) only a couple of times since then so probably you should just assume they are from either 2017-18.
  4. ericusrex

    Is There a Bulk Alternative to Mac Baren's Three Nuns?

    Well, looky here! My old post came back from the dead! Thanks to everyone for the added suggestions. I do enjoy Dark Twist, haven't tried Club or Roll Twist. Will put those on the list. I do have some tins of Doblone D'Oro but haven't tried any yet. Will get on that. Thanks again!
  5. ericusrex

    Peretti Blends

    I've had 7485 and I enjoyed it. If you keep in mind that it's a Virginia heavy blend with Latakia (or a very mild English blend) you'll be fine. If you're looking for a full-on English you'll be sorely disappointed. It's like a much smoother version of Wild Atlantic....if you've ever tried...
  6. ericusrex

    Penny Farthing Speed Records

    Hmm. So the “h” wasn’t a typo afterall!
  7. ericusrex

    Ennerdale Flake

    The 'essence' fades a bit after a year or so of cellaring. It you find it overpowering now come back to it after a bit. It is made of fine leaf.
  8. ericusrex

    Broken Pipe: Robert A. Peretti (1921-2019)

    I haven’t seen Mr. Peretti in the shop for 15 or so years. He used to have a making/repair corner in what’s now the the cigar corner; to the left after you walk in the door. I think they ran out of his pipes a few years ago. There used to be a ton of them hanging on the wall, all classic...
  9. ericusrex

    Help Me Choose An English/Balkan Bulk

    Nope. Lancer’s Slices is all you need
  10. ericusrex

    Father Day Sales? Gone Baby Gone

    The great sales have been hard to come by lately
  11. ericusrex

    Will Anyone Be Re-Releasing Dunhill’s 221 Baker St?

    That’s what I was lookin fer, jfred. Thx all!
  12. ericusrex

    Will Anyone Be Re-Releasing Dunhill’s 221 Baker St?

    A recent find that I have very little of. Would love for STG or McConnell’s to release their version.
  13. ericusrex

    Really Good Virginia in Bulk

    BEF = Bulls Eye Flake
  14. ericusrex

    Bonjour, Merci de M 'Accepter

    We speak good ole ‘Merkan here. LOL