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    Epic First Post

    LOL, I understand
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    Everyday no brainer smoke

    Missouri Meerschaum Great Dane
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    Epic First Post

    Welcome..and beware of the "preferred" members, for many of them (not all), it's like arguing with your wife!
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    Tobacco pouch issues

    you sure your cat didn't piss in it?
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    Loose Stem Repair Option

    As I said earlier, it wasn't the tenon that was the problem, it was an expanded mortise, so the clamp returned the MORTISE to its original shape.
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    Loose Stem Repair Option

    I think it's more just a different way to do it; seems to me turning a flathead screwdriver requires about the same amount of mechanical savvy as melting a stem over a flame...maybe I'm wrong though
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    Loose Stem Repair Option

    I saw that video, sable; my issue was you could see a distinct expanding in the mortise area when you held it up to light, so swelling/disforming the stem like he does seems a little like taking a tire off by removing the car, I more wanted to address the problem itself (i.e., expanded mortise...
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    Aromatic defined?

    I think most of the actual flavors are going to come from some sort of extract or something like that, so vanilla flavoring will come from a vanilla extract, caramel from a caramel extract, cherry from a cherry extract etc...I'm assuming anyway.
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    Loose Stem Repair Option

    Well, I figured that most of the repairs I've seen bantered about are fairly temporary in nature (like beeswax which I've tried but only lasts about a week) and/or simply toxic (like crazy glue on the inside of the mortise to swell it) and this one came across to me as probably being more...
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    Aromatic defined?

    It sounds like you've already probably read all the articles on this stuff, so I won't repeat any of them here. But from what I understand (and I could be wrong of course because it is confusing) is that an aromatic is a tobacco that is topped with flavoring, while a non-aromatic is one that is...
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    Loose Stem Repair Option

    Just performed a loose stem repair to an old Rossi of mine and worked like a charm...then did the same to 2 cobs I have and worked great on those as well. Took boiling water and poured it into a small bowl to about 3/4" deep, took a worm/screw clamp and clamped it around the mortise of the...
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    A Savinelli for Valentine's Day.

    Then what would the gurgling from moisture represent? 8O
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    Does Get a Green Shield???

    pipes magazine doesn't get a green shield, they get two thumbs up with a tweeissst...
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    Preferred Pipe Weight for Clenching

    Depends on what your objective is...if it's just comfort, it doesn't matter because your jaw muscles will eventually build up enough strength to accommodate any weight or may take a while but they will. If you are talking about not damaging your teeth, this depends on how good of shape...
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    Fishermen...Your Batter Recipe?

    It's just like making the pancake batter you describe in terms of difficulty; I forgot to add one thing though, as with any battered fish, lightly dust the fish in flour first or the batter won't stick to it when you deep fry it...i.e., it gives something for the batter to bond to. It's really...