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    Peterson Price points

    It seems like there are two types of Peterson pipes made today, bothare made with a “sump”. It’s the way that sump deals with the collected byproducts that differ. Type A uses a filter, type B uses the system. And herein lies the issue. Not all type A pipes include a mouthpiece that will fit a...
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    GLP Stonehenge Vs. SG St. James Flake

    Cortez said Spot on! I’ve been working on 5 y/o SJF recently and the above is a great description. Last time I had a new tin, I picked up on more chocolate, a bit of orange, some mild coffeee notes and a lot of yeasty-breadlines which is all much subdued in the aged stuff which has a lot of...
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    A New Peterson Pipe In The Works-It's A Beaut

    Thank you George! Right on all counts, I believe. -signed vegan dude I like the shaping on the new Pete. That mouthpiece looks a bit thick though. Anyone take one for a spin yet?
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    Do You Really Like to Smoke a Pipe With Filter

    I don’t but you can’t find a pipe in Germany without one, Can that many pipe smokers be wrong? If so, who’s to tell them that a group that loves pipes and pipesmoking as much as they are doing it wrong? Try it, see if you dig it.
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    Tobacco Review Scores On Average

    Fun question. No, I ignore the scores and weed through reviews to find those from folks that typically agree with my tastes. Objectivity is an illusion in something as subjective as pipe smoking. The combination of tobacco moisture, smoking cadence, lighting source, personal diet, the pipe...
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    Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake

    Woah... Well, perhaps something like Gawith and hoggarths dark flake or Kendall Kentucky would be up your alley
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    What Is So Great About Castellos

    Great post Todd!
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    What is the Aromatic you keep in your Rotation?

    Do Dark Plug and Watch City Slices count? Cuz, those.
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    What Do You Like Or Dislike About An Oom Paul?

    I love the look but have exactly zero. I can’t abide a wet smoker but I remain a “deep bend curious” pipe dude. Maybe one of those bent eggs Neal mentioned could be the ticket? I’d love to see one such in situ...I have a hard time imagining something that protrudes so being light in the ol’beak.
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    Very sad news

    What a huge loss for humankind. He set one helluva example for the rest of us. I had thought for years about visiting him over the summer but, you know who that goes. Really regretting missing the opportunity now. If someone is in contact with his wife could they point her to all the various...
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    Jim's Amphora Burley Blend Review.

    Hey Jim, is there much family resemblance between this and hh burley flake?
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    Ordering from Italy

    Just wanted to recommend bollitopipe, lepipe and neatpipes to the list. Have made many purchases with each and have few issues. The one time I had a pipe stopped at customs was my first order with lepipe and I credit that simply to luck of the draw. They used dhl. The pipe was morta and caused a...
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    GL Pease - Fillmore

    Yeah, Fillmore caused the most noise about this back in the day. I think there was issue with the second batch that caused a controversy when people found some tins that smelled heavily of lat. Greg came forward and mentioned there was just a dash of the stuff and that it was an old blenders...
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    GL Pease - Fillmore

    Since day 1. He used to have a longer piece about this on his site but I can’t seem to find it. Anyway, it is less than 3% as mentioned in this interesting comparison article, which has to feature one of the best quotes of all time- I’m a big fan of...
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    Castello's Golden Era

    Npod said On the whole, I totally agree that today’s pipes are great. The only niggles I have are that I prefer the older shape 55’s over what I’ve seen in the last say 3-5 years and I had better luck on average finding a thinner saddle bit than I do today. Those are personal quirks though and...