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  1. bazungu

    What's Your Profession !!

    I am a molecular/synthetic plant biologist, not really working.... just goofing around and making expensive molecular toys which hopefully one day, that is what I keep telling myself, might be of some use.
  2. bazungu

    Pipe companies still based in the UK?

    Also don't forget 'Invicta Briars', while I do not see many updates on his website, I do think he is still making pipes. Excellent price/value.
  3. bazungu

    Another Lightweight Castello KK Sea Rock billiard

    You are loving those Castellos it seems Paul! You've made some great purchases of late! I have got a similar pipe, with very tin walls and a silver band around the shank for some reenforcement. It is a great smoker and super light weight, I would not put any bowl coating inside. Just enjoy the...
  4. bazungu

    Tobacconist in Glasgow, Scotland

    Living in Edinburgh, I also highly recommend the Pipe Shop, they have an amazing selection of tobacco both in tin and bulk as well as Sir Walter Scott snuff which I can highly recommend. Might be worth taking the train or bus from Glasgow to Edinburgh, it's quite fast and not too expensive. They...
  5. bazungu

    A dry cough from pipe smoking?

    I experience something similar, mainly during winter when I cannot open the window fully during my smoke. In summer, when the room is better ventilated I do not experience any cough, and I seem to become less affected by the nicotine as well. I do suggest a break for a little bit, as otherwise...
  6. bazungu

    Castello Pipe Shapes

    Is it just me, or has the shape '55' recently been shaped? It seems to be made more squarish, less rounded and less elegant in the bowl/shank area with shorter shanks and stems(+ big noticeable gaps between stem and shank). I do not seem to like this new design of the 55 shape, perhaps it is as...
  7. bazungu

    Odd, Strange, Or Exotic Things You Have Eaten Plus Tobacco...

    In Belgium I grew up with the usual 'country side food', which might be odd for some people here apparently so I will list them: Headcheese(the soured version) which is mostly eaten with mustard and brown bread for lunch, smoked horsemeat (also with bread), horse steak, fried brain, beef tongue...
  8. bazungu

    Peterson & Laser Engraved Nomenclature

    I also noticed that some of the new Peterson lines have the 'smooth' place for the laser engraving below the bowl instead of in the usual place on the shank, this really ruins the shaping of some of the pipes. Please stamp on the side/bottom of the shank but not on the bowl, it ruins a perfectly...
  9. bazungu

    Group Tasting - Laurel Flake and St. James Flake

    So here is my full review, which seems to differ slightly from others people experience. Again, this shows how subjective tasting is as we both have our own flavor memory bank we compare things with. The smell from the pouch is quite subdued, most likely due to the shipping time to Scotland. On...
  10. bazungu

    Group Tasting - Laurel Flake and St. James Flake

    This week I will do another tasting session and I will post my findings as well, they seem to differ a bit from others.
  11. bazungu

    Group Tasting - Laurel Flake and St. James Flake

    The tobacco arrived safe and well here in Edinburgh, Scotland(surprisingly quick!!)! Thanks again Ashdigger for giving us this opportunity to taste these delicious tobaccos. I have already smoked a pipe of the Laurel Flake and I was blown away. In a few days I will post a write up of both...
  12. bazungu

    Soil Cured Pakistani Tobacco

    Interesting to hear that they use this method in Spain as well! He told me that most of the tobacco seems to be for the 'hookah/sisha' as well as for cigarets, I do not know if it is also used for bidis. He told me they grow different cultivars but I am not sure if they are all processed this...
  13. bazungu

    Soil Cured Pakistani Tobacco

    So today in the lab, somehow we ended up discussing the topic of growing and curing tobacco (Not that odd since we are a plant biology lab). I found out that one of my colleagues from Pakistan is from a family of tobacco farmers. He told me the way they cure the tobacco is by digging a big hole...
  14. bazungu

    My Only Dunhill come in The House

    Seems someone got a serious case of PAD, haha! What a beauty, and a real nice craggy blast and hopefully this bit will be more comfortable to you than the Ashtons. I find James Barber to have one of the best, if not the best, pricing on Dunhills. I believe a group 3 Dunhill on average would be...
  15. bazungu

    Does Any Pipemaker Still Use Stingers/Condensers?

    I believe that most French pipes still come with stinger if I am not mistaken.