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    The After Midnight Club

    ITs been a while gents and ladies if memory serves right. 1:49 EST and I think I'm getting into pipe smoking again. Its a good feeling.
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    Attention All Pete-Nuts: When Will The LE Blends Be Availabel?

    Hmm, I'm digging those Dracula pipes. I might have to get one... I haven't bought a new pipe in a while.
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    So I dunno if any other forum members here play Minecraft still, but I saw this video by PipefriendCHS the other day and the mod looks really cool! Basically it allows for the cultivation and creation of Cigarettes, Cigars and Pipes in the video game minecraft. For the uninformed, Minecraft is a...
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    Citizens for Tobacco Rights - Take Action!

    Hahahaha awesome Baron.
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    Sunday Fun & Meeting People

    Man... I gotta move to Florida!
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    Other pipe communities online?

    I hang out at SF as well.
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    Peterson vs Savinelli

    Petes are nice, but after a few recent purchases I've been converted to the Sav crowd. Maybe I need to try some of the higher end Petes, see if that makes a difference.
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    New Years Resolutions?

    Smoke a pipe and enjoy the year. I think that's attainable.
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    What Did Everyone Get For Christmas?!?

    I got a cool Stanwell Freehand in my stocking, some Vinyl, books by Sartre, and an Espresso Machine. Its like I rediscovered coffee again.
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    Help With iPod Classic

    But in all seriousness, it could either be that you got a faulty hard drive. Its unfortunate, but if its under warranty you'll be in the clear. My last iPod went when a mug of coffee exploded on it and it fried itself. Alas, no warranty on that one.
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    What are You Reading?

    I'm going through Waiting for Godot for a Lit class and then I'm rereading Don Quixote for the third time.
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    McClelland Brindle Flake aroma??

    Usually with most McClelland blends the ketchupy smell doesn't transfer to the smoke. It usually tastes better!
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    Nording Pipes???

    I have a Nording, its a good smoker in line with a good Pete or a Sav. Price is pretty good too, for the way that some of them look.
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    Toledo pipe smokers???

    Cleveland reporting in. Don't know anyone out in Toledo Way though.
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    Deleted & Banned. Next?

    Firefly themed Tent City with a Biscuits and Gravy Grits feast? Count me in!