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    Wind caps

    Wind caps can be useful in wind but I hate the cheap ones which you have to move in and out of the pipe as they become very hot and not comfortable to move in and out when hot. Much more user friendly are the pipes with caps built on you can open and close, I have a couple of them and works...
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    Got My Hands On Some Holker Twist

    Yes, it is a lovely blend. Too bad it has discontinued as G&H does not make anymore blends for Synjeco. I am happy I cellared a good amount of it before it went out of production.
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    Why are Grocery Store Tomatoes so Inferior?

    One definitely important factor among other is refrigeration as it basically destroy all flavor of tomatoes. Never refrigerate them
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    Old German Clay Pipe Question

    I have a double walled Lepeltier clay pipe which I love, one of the favorites along with the meers. I am curious now about the Old German Clay Pipes particularly the ones offered with an ebonite stem. I do understand that being single walled the bowl becomes very hot. My question is how they...
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    Bosun Plug?

    I just got tonight a couple of ounces of the plug. Will try next week end. The smell is good, lakeland but not overpowering, I have good expectations.
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    Hello from Los Angeles, CA

    Welcome from another one in LA. Me too I came to LA as you in the late 90'. And funny as tonight I just went to Fogo de Chao as well as I know well the Brazilian BBQ in the Farmer's Market which is cheaper and not that much different in quality (reason why there are always long lines)
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    Ennerdale Flake

    Very different both in the baccy and in the topping. Grousemoor is just pure virginia the same as Best Brown with a topping more reminding of baked cookies. Ennerdale in addition to Virginia has some dark leaves and Burley, so a little bit stronger baccy, and the topping is almond/fruity...
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    Gawith and Hoggart Kendal Black Cherry

    I love the Kendal Black Cherry. Is there a bulk version of it or is it sold only as tinned?
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    Best Blend of 2023: An Elimination Game

    Dark Bird's Eye +2
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    How Long does a Smoke Last?

    One consideration not discussed is if smoking inside or outside. Everything else being equal being inside makes a bowl lasting at least 30% more as the ventilation outside burns the tobacco faster (and requires less relights).
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    Best Blend of 2023: An Elimination Game

    Of the ones remaining I would love to see in the podium FVF, Bob's Chocolate and Ennerdale and then have these 3 fight for the crown. So this is why I try to keep Ennerdale alive.
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    Can Separating Stem After Every Smoke Ruin the Stem?

    I rarely remove the stem. As soon as finished a bowl I pass a cleaner to remove all possible humidity in the stem and I swipe a paper towel in the bowel. 30-60 min later I do a hot running water clean (as described in multiple threads) passing again at the end with cleaner in the stem and...
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    Hemp wick

    In the past I was using matches which I found better than lighters to better control the flame and also burning cooler. I found hemp wick having the same advantage of matches without the mess of having to deal with them and I like them. I really feel the difference of a cooler flame (even if...