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    Revor Plug Discountinued

    The title said it all and as the source is from the the Synjeco website I think it is trustable. It was for me the best of the Virginia/Kentucky genre, in some way a cousin of the SG Cob plug/1792 flake but more balanced and sweeter. Luckily I cellared some last year so I am covered. Every...
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    Greenodd vs Ambleside Curly

    While I did not try the Ambieside I can tell you the Grenodd is fantastic, pobably my preferred VaPer. And I would say being an uncut rope the Grenodd by definition would age better than its cut version Ambieside which I think it is made just for convenience of people who do not want to deal...
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    The Pipe Material You Smoke The Most

    80% Meer and Morta, 10% Clay, 5% Cob. I have only 1 briar I use for EM. New acquisitions will only on the meer/morta/clay.
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    Best Lighter for Pipes with Very Deep Bowls

    [I can't find the post - so I can't credit whoever suggested it, but I'm 100% converted to hemp wick. It's wax covered hemp twine that you use as a spill. You can shape it to fit inside the bowl, so it's way less likely to damage the rim. Doesn't flavour the tobacco - & it's really cheap too!]...
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    Thoughts on Pipe Screens

    As from the answers already given the great majority of expert pipe smokers will tell you screens are useless and used for other smoking weeds. It is definitely true screens are not necessary to keep tobacco and ashes to go to your mouth as well as it is true in a more general way they are not...
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    GH Scotch Flake

    I am discovering GH Scotch flake one of the best flakes of GH. The reason I like is, in addition to the great Virginias, the wonderful chocolate casing (I love chocolate) which really tastes as natural chocolate. In this regard I consider Scotch flake much more chocolatish than Bob's...
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    Perique - Any Good For Cellaring?

    I think what is affected more by aging are the Virginias as they have the highest sugar content and so can mellow and change more. I suspect given generally Perique blends have a high proportion of Virginia, is the Virginia portion which is the most responsible of the aging process. Whether it...
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    What's Your Favorite Brand(s)?

    SG & GH and on this I include also the Synjeco which are made by GH. For English and Oriental I still say McClelland as I have a stash of them and I am covered even if they closed the operation.
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    A Link To All Of The GawIth Hoggarth The US Distributor Has This Drop

    It looks like they did not received the expected new shipment as most of the stuff is still sold out. I can't wait for when the shipment will arrive.
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    Loose Silver Ring of Spigot Stem Meer

    [I use a permanent flexible glue like this because superglue dries crystalline and will just crack/break loose again over time as the pipe expands and contracts.] This is what I was thinking that superglue was not right for this application. I will get the flexible glue. [On his particular...
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    Loose Silver Ring of Spigot Stem Meer

    I got this beautiful Meer with a wind cap which is useful if there is a breeze. I noticed the spigot stem was a little bit loose and actually when I first cleaned it up it came away the stem along with the silver ring as you can see from the pic. I contacted the seller and he told me just to...
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    Greetings from Italy

    Buon Natale Carlo. Unfortunately you are locked and you cannot even go out of your home in these days. Where are you located?
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    Oldest Tobacco That Exist?

    If you are talking about just tobacco leaf I think Rustica is the oldest leaf which was used by native Americans and McBaren just released a blend with it which I never tried but which is said being the strongest tobacco blend at least in the Western hemisphere. If you are talking about the...
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    Shipping from Turkey is FASTER Than in US

    Don't want to get political but USPS sucks. I ordered a pipe from the East Coast which was expected to be delivered on Monday by USPS. Everything went ok until it arrived to the post office 2 miles from my house as expected on Monday morning with delivery scheduled for the afternoon. Then the...
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    SG XX Twist Vs GH Black Irish Twist

    I tried the Samuel Gawith XX Twist which I found intriguing and unique with nothing else not even close to compare. I saw an interesting video of many years ago which shows how it is made starting from the brown rope (the ropes are actually the same) which is coated with olive oil, wrapped in...