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    Best Cherry Blends

    GH Cherry Cream Flake. Very good natural not artificial cherry taste with a very good underlying virginia baccy. If you want the strongest cherry taste GH top black cherry but it is a cavendish which I like less and the taste is less natural and more artificial to my palate.
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    How Do You Avoid Cake In Meerschaum?

    [ Hot water flush. Easy, and removes more ash than other methods, as well as cleans the airway. ] +1 for hot water flush, preceded by a gentle soft towel swipe of the bowl and followed by dry towel swipe of the bowl and cleaner in the stem.
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    Screen in the Bowl

    I am going against grain and I would say for beginners screen might help (until they learn a packing method useful for them) to keep an air chamber below the tobacco which helps with combustion, and it does not hurt. This is why they are sold also at tobacco pipe stores even if they are mainly...
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    Clay Pipe Suggestion?

    If you are willing to spend a little bit more look at the Lepeltier clay pipes. What is great of them is they are double walled so they are not hot as the tavern pipes types and they can be handled easily by the bowl, and they have an ebonite stem which is a big plus. They could become your...
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    Do You Believe In The Cake? Yes or No

    In addition to what I previously said (my vote was for no) it is an absolute NO for meer, morta or clay as the cake is the assured pathway to a cracked bowl.
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    Do You Believe In The Cake? Yes or No

    No. There is confusion between cake which I see as detrimental as it alters negatively the taste and the carbon layer buildup which is a necessary protection layer on briar. I always wipe and water flush the pipe immediately after each smoke. I have a cake free pipe (but with a protective...
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    Experience with Synjeco's?

    Ordered multiple times from them. Always paid by wire smoothly. They ship through swiss post (no FEDEX or UBS) and never had problems with customs. Daniel is an extra nice guy. It is my place for SG plugs and many GH flakes nearly impossible to find here. I would also strongly recommend...
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    How Long Should a Bowl Last?

    i don't think the question of the OP can be answered meaningfully without providing some parameters such as the size of the bowl, the type, cut and humidity of the tobacco, the packing of it, if smoked inside or outside with a breeze and the smoking cadence. To give an idea I like to stay at...
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    High-End Pipes - Do They Improve the Smoking Experience?

    [ In Eskisehir, in person, it is easy to buy a quality, decent sized meerschaum at €40-€55, directly from the artist. Anything above that is artistry. The reason we pay $250 is because of the sheer number of middle men, in and out of country, each with their own markup, not the cost of material...
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    Using Air Cured Tobacco Leaves.

    Here it comes to my mind Semois which is a roasted leaf dry as sheet of paper and intended to be smoked as such without any humidification. So while nearly all tobacco pipe undergoes some humidification process Semois shows that this is not always the case. I would try once to smoke the air...
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    High-End Pipes - Do They Improve the Smoking Experience?

    [ I find that after the $100 price point, the smoking qualities sort of plateau and you get more refined looks.] Probably correct for briar. For morta and meer, which are more expensive materials, I would move the price point to 200-250$ for brand new unless you can find some closout deals.
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    Motzek - Tom's Twists (Sweet Crushed, Hallo, and Dark)

    [ - -] It looks the site is all in German. Any page in English?
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    High-End Pipes - Do They Improve the Smoking Experience?

    You need to define by yourself what are you expecting from an high end pipe as mechanical properties/functionality and aesthetic. I would say than anything above 300 $ is just aesthetic so if you are willing to go above that figure you have to justify to yourself for the aesthetic. Below that...
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    Do You Keep Certain Pipes For Certain Types of Tobacco?

    Given 95% of the time I use morta, meer and clay, I do not smoke aromatics in briar, and I clean the pipe with water flush after every smoke I am not too much concerned with ghosting and I have not experienced yet.
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    What Are Your Favorite Blends Still Available?

    My favorite blends are the ones I am not mentioning here as I don't want them to disappear because of the hoarders :)