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The Good Old Days?

Pipes from the Author's Collection

It’s no secret that I love old pipes. Like a well broken-in pair of jeans, there’s something they bring with them that makes them sort of special. They carry an […]

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Heat Waves

Benson & Hedges Pipe Tobacco and Drucquer & Sons Pipe

I do not like hot weather. When the mercury pushes close to body temperature, my icy heart begins to melt, and when it reaches the point where I break out […]

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Pipe Mysteries

Dunhill Lovet Pipes with Capstan and Westminster Tobaccos

Each month, my brain fabricates a few good ideas for this column, and a lot of silly ones. Usually, one of them sticks, and things just sort of flow from […]

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And Then There Were Three

Pipes by Ryan Alden, Bengt Carlson, and Jerry Zenn (Photo: G.L. Pease)

The late Bill Unger, long-time secretary/treasurer of the North American Society of Pipe Collectors and editor of the Pipe Collector newsletter, was often quoted as saying, “If you have one […]

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GBD Tobacco Made by Sobranie of London

Years ago a friend, knowing that I collect GBD pipes and related ephemera, gave me a lovely 7oz tin of GBD Black Cavendish Mixture, manufactured for them by Sobranie House. […]

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It started out like any other day, then the world changed. I woke up, made my morning espresso, waited for the fog to clear, and set about my affairs. Part […]

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Rediscovering The Why

Pease's Paolo Becker Olifant Pipe

Why do you smoke a pipe? We all have stories to tell about what set us along this crazy path, but those stories are too often lost in time, even […]

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Give it a Rest

Nate King Cutty Pipe

Something somewhat out of character has been afoot in the House of Pease. For more than  a week, I have been smoking the same pipe every day, sometimes twice. What’s […]

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The One that Got Away

Nearly forty years have passed since I produced my first commercial tobacco blend. It feels like yesterday. It also feels like a lifetime ago. I’d been working part-time at Drucquer […]

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Confessions of a Coffee Drinker

Cutty Pipe and Classic Stovetop Espresso Maker

I love coffee. I always have. Even as a child, coffee had a strange attraction for me. Though I wasn’t allowed more than a sip or two for fear that […]

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