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Kickin’ It Old School with a Sazerac & Best Brown Flake

Ethan Brandt Ah, Sazerac. Honestly, does it get much better? Not only is this a delicious drink, but it appeals to the cocktail-geek in all of us by utilizing some […]

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Just Desserts with a Brandy Alexander & Pipe Smoking

Ethan Brandt Have you ever seen the movie Days of Wine and Roses? It’s a classic, though it reads rather similarly to the cult classic Reefer Madness to many of […]

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I’ll Have a Hennessy V.S Sidecar, Up with a Twist, Please

Ethan Brandt The period informally known as the Prohibition Era was a terrible time in American history: the mob gained power, otherwise law abiding citizens were arrested for illogical reasons, […]

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