The Pipes Magazine Radio Show – Episode 92

Kevin Godbee
Thank you for joining us for The Pipes Magazine Radio Show—the only radio talk show for pipe smokers and collectors. We broadcast weekly, every Thursday at 8 pm eastern USA time and are available on nearly all podcast sites and apps. Listen on your computer, tablet, phone and even in the car! Our Featured Interview tonight is with Fred Hanna. Fred is well-known pipe collector, author, and speaker at pipe shows. We have an extended interview tonight, and will be cutting the Pipe Parts segment. Fred and Brian will talk in-depth about 3 topics – 1) Fred’s famous and controversial article; “The Myth of Brand vs. Briar”, 2) Vintage tobaccos that are currently undervalued, and 3) Snuff. Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

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Fred was also on the show last year where we had a famous, fascinating, and perhaps controversial discussion on nicotine – that it actually has health benefits. It can be found at the link below.

The Pipes Magazine Radio Show – Episode 37 with Fred Hanna on Nicotine

Dr. Fred Hanna

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6 Responses

  • Another great show Brian. I appreciate and agree with Fred’s point of view on brand vs briar. I do believe it comes down to the individual pipe and the piece of briar it was made with. Even tho I’m fairly new to pipes on a serious basis, I am fortunate enough to have what I believe is, as he described, a “Magic” pipe. It smokes anything I put in it on a sublime level. But … it’s an S. Bang, so does that mean it could all be in my head? I choose to believe it’s the pipe, THAT particular pipe 😉
    I used nasal snuff to quit smoking cigs after 35 years. I ordered from and I did find it enjoyable and interesting, but it did not help with my craving to actually smoke something. It does give you a nic kick pretty quick, and you can “taste” the tobacco on a different level than smoking. I would recommend it for anyone wanting experiment, or to quit the cancer sticks and move to pipes to help with the nicotine transition. Another note to add to the subject of nasal snuff is that it is not just powdered dried out tobacco. It is processed in a very special way and is actually fermented and “distilled” to where the tars are removed from the final product. If you Wiki nasal snuff you will also read that there is no known medical issues associated with this form of tobacco usage. It’s very interesting, and is a great way to get a nic kick, and it’s inexpensive.. but it doesn’t replace smoking.

  • Hi Brian!
    Your conversations with Fred Hanna are always illuminating and downright fun. I’ve been quite entertained by this “debate” over the past few years, reading and hearing the “experts of their own opinion” piss and spit, about an issue that the huge majority, of our small minority of pipe smokers, will ever be able to establish their own empirical insights. I’m afraid that, were you to hand a guy who loves smoking his Molto Dolce in his Missouri Meerschaum, a Bo Nordh filled with Molto Dolce, he might say, a la Peggy Lee, “Is that all there is?” I tend to agree with Russ Oeullette, “Smoke what you like; like what you smoke.”
    I’m glad you enjoyed Mr. Carter and Ms. Merrill. I hope everyone else did, also.
    Happy Trails (or Sails). Dino

  • Double plus on the nasal snuff. They touched on what I like to call the “dab & swipe” method which consists of lightly wetting the tip of a finger, very very lightly dabbing it on snuff, and then gently swiping it onto the inner septum of one’s nose. This sounds a wee bit messy but it almost entirely obviates the problem so many who try snuff have with taking it too deep into their noses with subsequent unpleasant effects.
    Also not noted is that there are three of the old line English snuff makers who also make pipe tobacco, Samuel Gawith, Gawith Hoggarth, and Fribourg & Treyer to be specific. F&T’s High Dry Toast is snuffy heaven in a can.

  • Hi Brian,
    Catching you real late as I was at the Outer Banks last week. Back in the Burgh now and having a pipe. But then again, you are probably on your way back from KC.
    Nice to come home to listen to my friend, Fred Hanna….Mr. Straight Grain.
    The Briar vs Brand discussion will continue to go on and on and on. I doubt there will be any end. I also agree “smoke what you like” in both pipes and tobaccos.
    Snuff is a topic with which I have no experience.
    I concur with the selection of Barry Levin Tobaccos along with his other recommendations. I would also recommend the Butera Dark Stoved tobacco. His recommendations are ones worth seeking out. “The Perfect Smoke” is one great book!
    Nice music selection.
    Rant: It sounds like you are going on a ship bound for somewhere? I hope you trip destination is planned.
    Have a nice vacation.

  • A great show. Even when you disagree with Fred he is a pleasure to listen to. He is not one of those “I don’t care what you say I’m right” guys. Wish he could have made it to KC this past week-end.
    Snuff is not my thing. You can wax rhapsodic for hours and it isn’t going to get me to try it again. I will say that it is better than “putting a little pinch between your cheek and gum”.
    You have to agree that on this cruise you have very little chance of the captain running into a continent.

  • Brian,
    Fred was great to listen to again. I feel his pain when he “outed” some of his favorite hard to find tobacco’s. At KC this weekend I shared my Esoterica sweet spots with a few guys. I doubt they’ll be sweet spots any more.
    It was great fun meeting you, Steve Fallon, and so many others at KC. The Escudo was a real treat and I’m glad I got to enjoy it with you and the guys.
    The knowledge I gained from my first show was priceless, and the memories will last a lifetime.
    Thanks again,