The Pipes Magazine Radio Show – Episode 91

Kevin Godbee
Thank you for joining us for The Pipes Magazine Radio Show—the only radio talk show for pipe smokers and collectors. We broadcast weekly, every Thursday at 8 pm eastern USA time and are available on nearly all podcast sites and apps. Listen on your computer, tablet, phone and even in the car! Our Featured Interview tonight is with Mike Butera. Mike has had a great influence in the business of pipe making, tobacco blending and cigar making. He has been at it for over 30-years. He is a pipe maker, and tobacco blender for pipes and cigars. In our opening “Pipe Parts” educational segment, Brian will discuss three of the most dominant tobacco processes that create three of the most popular “pipe tobaccos” – Cavendish, Latakia, and Perique. Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

Tonight’s show is sponsored by,,, Missouri Meerschaum,,, Cornell & Diehl, and Savinelli Pipes and Tobaccos. Please give them some consideration when making your next pipe or tobacco purchase.

We hope you enjoy our 1-hour show produced just for you—the pipe smoker and collector. The following link will launch a pop-up player. Alternatively, you can download the show in iTunes and other podcast sites and apps after the initial broadcast is complete here.

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Mike Butera Smoking a Pipe While Making a Pipe

Mike Butera with his Butera Cigar Line

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6 Responses

  • Hi Brian
    Can’t disagree with you on your discussion of pipe tobacco processing.
    I always enjoyed Mike Butera’s tobaccos, especially the Dark Stoved. I haven’t tried one of his pipes – yet. His stories of Baldi and Scotti were great.
    Yul Brenner always was a great actor and pipe smoker.
    May miss next week, but I will post a selfie from OBX.
    Keep up the great work.

  • Hi Brian
    Another great interview just finished listening to your podcast with Mike Butera and his road too pipe making. Looking forward too his return and talk about his tobacco brands.

  • Brian, as usual a great interview with Mike Butera. A very interesting Pipe Parts about Tobacco and as alway just a wonderful show.
    On Andre Segovia, I was blessed to be able to hear him in person. Just wonderful. I think he could have made a broom sound good. To think of all those guitar lessons I’ve taken. I should have just bought more Segovia CD’s.
    With the podcast happening on Tuesday starting in July. I’ll be happy 2 days earlier. Be well. Light up….drink up!!
    Thanks for the brotherhood.

  • Brian,
    Great show with Mike Butera. I also enjoyed last week’s show but it is much better to watch Gina perform (online) than listen to her for a number of reasons. She is a very unique individual. I was glad I had the fast forward option for this weeks music.
    I was planning to comment on the extra absorbent pipe cleaners last week but never got around to it so I’m glad it came up again this week. I have always used Longs pipe cleaners, both regular and extra absorbent. I used to be pretty regimented with my pipe cleaning doing it ever two weeks but those days seem to be long gone. I now clean my pipe right before I smoke it. My habit was to use 2 or 3 regular cleaners in the stem and the fluffy ones in the shank. First I’d run both ends of a fluffy into the shank and then bend the pipe cleaner in the middle making sure to pinch the bend to as fine a point as possible. Then I would run the bent cleaner through the shank. I would do this as many times as necessary until the cleaners came out clean (usually 2 or 3). For longer pipes I put a fluffy and regular together and run then down the shank side by side.
    Lately though, I almost exclusively use the fluffy cleaners in both the stem and the shank. If I can get a fluffy cleaner into the stem I feel the added pressure from the tight fit seems to clean it better and I end up using less cleaners. If the air hole is too narrow I use the regular cleaners in the stem. I have had no real problems with getting the fluff stuck in my pipes they always seem clear. I’ve never really had fluff issues with Long’s cleaners.
    So there’s my 2 cents. Keep up the good work. Guys, if you haven’t gone to the site to check out Gina’s shoot, take a few minutes… you won’t be disappointed.

  • Hello Brian
    It was amazing to hear from Mike Butera and were he got started from. The ladies have probably went over to Tobacco Pipe Collectors for Women (TPC4W) to get away from us guys. The Sutliff guys are extremely nice guys and are really in tune with us end pipe smokers and pipe makers, John is a super down to earth guy. another great show! I am very glad my kids still have 5-6 years before I have to worries about college.
    keep it smoking

  • Great discussion on pipe tobacco processing. Some times when the question is it this or that the answer is just yes.
    Loved the interview with Mike Butera. Truly the godfather of American Carvers.
    Seriously, complaining about the photos in college brochures?? If you don’t know what the weather is like where you are going you aren’t smart enough to go to college. It is just like a company that sells a product, oh say tobacco pipes, who takes extremely lovely photos of it products in the most handsome of settings. Just trying to make a sale, man.