The Pipes Magazine Radio Show – Episode 67

Kevin Godbee
Thank you for joining us for The Pipes Magazine Radio Show—the only radio talk show for pipe smokers and collectors. This is our last show of 2013, and we want to thank you for listening and being a fan of the show, and wish you a Happy New Year. In tonight’s “Pipe Parts” segment Brian will discuss how different pipe shapes can be considered for different uses or different smoking situations. For our Featured Interview tonight Brian will be talking to Per Jensen of The Mac Baren Tobacco Company. Mac Baren has a long and interesting history, and many popular tobaccos. You will hear about some of the interesting processes that happen during the product development of creating new pipe tobaccos. We will also talk about Per’s intriguing background. Our pipes are packed, drinks are poured, the sound check is done … pack a pipe, sit back, relax and join us for The Pipes Magazine Radio Show.

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Per Jensen

1. Mac Baren Tobacco Factory Tour (Part I)

2. Mac Baren Tobacco Factory Tour (Part II)

3. Mac Baren Tobacco Factory Tour (Part III)

Wells Fargo “The Stagecoach & the Snowmen” TV Ad with Frosty the Snowman Smoking a Pipe

Brian’s Build-a-Bear

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9 Responses

  • Hey Brian,
    Per Jensen interview – very interesting history for MacBarens Tobacco. Per provided a lot of good blending information. Navy Flake has always been one of my favorites.
    Got to have Bing, one of the most famous pipe smoking singers.
    Thanks for the retirement plug. My group gifted me with a grand pipe for retirement. You have to see it to believe it. I’ll bring it to Chicago.
    Great rant on Frosty! Great for Build a bear!
    Keep up the good podcasts in 2014!

  • Hey Brian,
    Great interview with Per Jensen I have been smoking MacBarens Tobacco for the past year and have enjoyed it. Their Plum Cake and Sottish Mixture Blend is great especially the Scottish Mixture Blend. Looking forward to trying the up and coming English blends & HH Old Dark Fire from MacBaren with in the new year. Merry Christmas to you and your co-workers at The Pipes Magazine Radio Show and including you family.

  • Great show this week. Love hearing the history behind the manufacturers and makers, etc.
    Would like to hear thoughts on where the best places in the world to live are if you are a pipe smoker.
    Happy New Year

  • Per is a great guy and it was an excellent interview, Brian. I can’t wait to try the new MB/HH blend at Chicago in just 5 short months!

  • Just a sensational interview with Per Jensen. His discussion of how Mac Barens goes about it business was really informative. Hard to believe the head guy is the person who does all tobacco acquisition. That is a guy committed to his business and is not just a “bottom Line” guy. Also the way they use an experienced tasting panel to describe the tobaccos they smoke was a real insider glimpse about how the company goes about developing new products.
    You can never go wrong with Der Bingle doing an Xmas song.
    Big thumbs up for this show.

  • Great interview with Per Jensen. Mixture Scottish is always in my rotation, one of my go to smokes. Great job Brian!

  • This was fantastic. One of the best shows to date. I sat in my driveway for about 10 minutes because I didn’t want to interrupt the interview! Great job Brian!

  • As was expressed above, inspiring interview! I could listen to Mr. Jensen talk shop for hours. Makes me want to go back and try some Mac Baren tobacco. I haven’t tried any new Mac in years(so much good tobacco out there). Also, a GIANT nod to your opinion on “Polar Express”. I love anything Christmas but that movie left me with a disconcerting feeling that I could never put my finger on but “perverty” is apt. The whole movie was unsettling and bizarre from the animation to the story to the acting, hated it! Awesome Bing Crosby song, one of my favorites not just for Christmas. Looking forward to a grand year for the radio show! Have a safe holiday to you and yours.