The Pipes Magazine Radio Show – Episode 27

Kevin Godbee
Thank you for joining us for The Pipes Magazine Radio Show starring Brian Levine. This is the only online radio talk / entertainment show in the world that is targeted to pipe smokers and collectors. We want to thank you for listening and being one of our loyal 15,000 listeners. Tonight Brian will give you his advice on how to prepare for attending a pipe show. Whether you’re a pipe show newbie, or an experienced attendee, you will probably pick-up a tip you didn’t think of previously. Our featured guest is Rabbi Eric Silver. Rabbi Silver has been a pipe smoker since 1959, he did a tour in Vietnam and has met with The Pope three times. In our mailbag segement we will have some shoutouts to forum members that posted about the show, and as usual, Brian has something new to rant about at the end of the show.

Tonight’s show is sponsored by, Missouri Meerschaum, and, Please give them some consideration when making your next pipe or tobacco purchase.

We hope you enjoy our 45-minute show produced just for you—the pipe smoker and collector. The following link will launch a pop-up player. Alternatively, you can download the show in iTunes after the initial broadcast is complete here.

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Pope Benedict XVI shakes hands with Rabbi Eric Silver of Cheshire, Connecticut.


Yes, it might seem a bit inappropriate to have something bacon related after an interview with a Rabbi, but you will have to listen to the entire show for it to make sense.

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14 Responses

  • You are reading Steven Tyler (Liv’s father), I am reading “Guitar Man” by Will Hodgkinson, an interesting book, not pipe related.
    Pipe show season – you remember Foghorn-Leghorn cartoons, just think of the weasel. slobber. slobber– That is how people are at their first show. Bring comfortable shoes – a must. Bring baggies for samples to be smoked later. Bring a small flashlight to examine the inside of a bowl. Be willing to negotiate prices.
    Your discussion with Rabbi Silver was quite interesting. As I was a contemporary of the Viet Nam era, his recollections were very interesting. My former neighbor also was involved with the river boats and had many tales to tell. I wonder if his work has been published or is obtainable?
    Your song reminds me of the old Industrial Hygienist’s saying “The Dose is the Poison”.
    Bacon??? Does Denny’s own stock in a Bacon processor?? Too Much!!!
    Next thing you will see is a Bacon flavored tobacco –NOT!
    You just keep getting better. I just hope your head is not too big by Chicago!

  • Here i thought Denny’s was disgusting 15 minutes ago…….it has reached a new low….

  • Great interview and great show as always, although I remember now why I don’t own any Joe Jackson CDs. As to the previous comment about bacon flavored tobacco- it’s already been done more or less. Hearth and Home’s Vermont Meat Candy tobacco which is supposed to be reminiscent of maple and bacon. I haven’t tried it and don’t plan to but it is out there. Anyway, without being insulting, I would comment that Brian’s rants need some work. I think it’s the voice, he just never sounds upset. All I can think of is Ned Flanders going into a rage and it sounding similar to Brian’s rants. I can usually identify with what he is ranting about but it comes off being too polite. What about getting the Guy From Boston to do the rants?
    Just a thought. Otherwise, I listen to the show every week and look forward to it. I usually listen on Thursday nights but it is generally after 8 PM when I listen.
    How about some John Lee Hooker?

  • Hey Brian, I think your microwave burrito is done.
    Like Pavlov’s dog, as soon as I heard the beeping, I got a craving for popcorn.
    Another wonderful guest. With so many interesting members,
    one begins to feel a part of a diverse and intelligent club. Very rejuvenating!

  • I am always appreciative when I encounter a good interviewer, and Brian really hit it on the spot! Thank you, Brian, for your incisive questions–they were direct, to the point, and had just the right amount of humor to make the interview sparkle. My wife listened with great interest and said that you brought out the best in me. Many thanks,
    Rabbi Eric

  • Really enjoyed the show, especially the interview with Rabbi Silver.
    I’d like to ask the Rabbi if there is a prayer (blessing) for tobacco?

  • Sorry, Allan, no blessing for tobacco. However, on getting a new pipe, or even trying out a new tobacco, I think that the blessing Shehecheyanu (giving thanks to God for having kept us in life and brought us to this occasion,) would be most appropriate.
    Rabbi Eric

  • Another fine show. The segment preparing for a pipe show was very good. About the only thing I would add is prepare for the plan/budget to change. Also, if a show has a social segment or mixer you want to make that. This gives you a chance to talk to vendors and carvers in a non-sales situation.
    Rabbi Silver was simply riveting to listen to. His experiences involving Pope JP II and Benedict XVI were just fascinating. His research into Pius XII involvement in WW II was especially informative. This shows again that if men will approach each other with open minds that they will see the humanity in each other.

  • Loved the interview with the Rabbi during the Passover Season; such an appropriate time!
    As a Catholic, it was pure joy to hear his story and his envolvement and study of Pope Pius XII as well as his encounters with our two previous Pontiffs. I had never known such encounters and dialouge had took place. I was riveted as well. It is truly a blessing to have an elder brother in faith recant those experiences for us all.

  • Great show, as always. I particularly enjoyed Rabbi Silver’s reminiscences on Vietnam, as I was there at about the same time and about the same place (Can Tho), but that led to my becoming a Buddhist priest! Hail divesrsity!

  • Again, thank you to Brian for a really fine interview. And also, thank you to all of you for the kind remarks that you made concerning my responses to Brian’s questions. I had no idea that my words would engender such a response. Thank you all so very much.
    And now it’s time for next week’s program.
    Rabbi Eric

  • Great interview with Rabbi Eric! I enjoyed this show very much. I was busy with Easter preparations and did not have a chance to listen to the last few shows until yesterday. More!!! Shalom Sabbat Rabbi!
    Fr. Dave

  • The interview with the Rabbi was really interesting, thanks to both Brian and the Rabbi for that one. Another great show and I liked the music.