The Pipes Magazine Radio Show – Episode 20

Kevin Godbee
Wow. One month is already done in 2013, and as it turns out, we have five Thursday’s in January, so this is like an extra bonus show. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we do producing the show. In tonight’s “Pipe Parts” segment, the more Brian talks, the more you will be confused when he tries to tell you which factories make which tobaccos and how different brands move from one factory to another. Our interview tonight is with pipe maker Steve Morrisette. Steve is a highly regarded master craftsman, and he is also multi-talented working in the past as a professional photographer and drummer. We have one of his musical pieces queued up for after his interview.

Tonight’s show is sponsored by, Missouri Meerschaum,, and Cup O’ Joes. Please give them some consideration when making your next pipe or tobacco purchase.

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Steve Morrisette

Steve Morrisette Pipe – See more pipes on Steve’s website

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12 Responses

  • Another great show. I like Steve’s pipes, now if only he would make a hawkbill. Regarding the old gentleman’s discussion on ‘the old ways’, I thought it was our friend Bill Kotyk. Isn’t that how you smoked one of those Micoli pipes he collects?
    I would leav an Itunes comment, but I prefer listening to you as the podcast appears on However, next week, I will miss you as I will be at a ‘concert’ of, what I call Head Banging Music. I will explain that to you in Chicago. I haven’t been to a ‘live’ music presentation in many years and will see if i need ear plugs. Interesting how many music interested people smoke pipes. Maybe I should ask steve to make me a pipe that resembles a guitar with the smoke coming out the sound hole and the shank the fret board. That would be interesting.
    Will you be speaking the German show in the mother tongue?
    Keep up the good work!

  • Another fine program. Steve Morrisette is just a wonderful carver and an excellent interview.
    Really enjoyed the discussion on history of who makes what tobacco. It got pretty circuitous. You almost needed a program.
    I usually listen to the program using iTunes. I rated it once and since then it won’t let me rate the program.
    The trivia question was pretty crappy. :-))

  • Episode #20: informative as usual. I am fascinated by the pipe tobacco conglomerates: who makes what, mixes this and that, where and for whom. Makes a bowlful more enjoyable. I’ll look up some of those giants. Steve, nice pipes and drumming!
    Fr. Dave

  • Bigvan: Steve’s band was called “States” and the song is “Picture Me With You”

  • Hi Brian,
    enjoyed this episode (as always). Some stuff:
    Kohlhaase & Kopp does NOT produce the Dunhill tobaccos (or this is a entirely new developement). Afaik they are still made by Orlik/STG, K&K is only the distributor for many parts of the world (Europe at least).
    And I think there are somme errors in your description of how DTM was formed and how they are represented in the US, but I’ll have to do some research on that first.
    Best regards
    Sebastian, Stuttgart, Germany

  • Hi Kevin,
    I wrote to Kohlhaase & Kopp, and this is what they answered:
    “[..]das Unternehmen Kohlhase & Kopp ist ausschließlich der Importeur von Dunhill Tabaken und diese werden von uns in Deutschland exklusiv vertrieben. Scandinavian Tobacco Group ist wiederum der lizensierte Produzent der Dunhill Tabake. Markeninhaber ist aber British American Tobacco. Das ist wohl auch der Grund, weshalb Sie diese Tabake nicht in der Liste der Scandinavian Tobacco Group finden.”
    K & K is solely the importer of Dunhill tobaccos and is the exclusive distributor for them in Germany. STG is the licensed manufacturer of the Dunhill tobaccos, whereas the brand [when it comes to tobaccos] is owned by British American Tobacco. This is probably the reason why they are not listed on the STG site.
    Apparently they only list their own brands there…
    Best regards

  • Mr. Levine, Congratulations for the 20th show. I listen from Madrid (Spain) and I can’t hardly wait for a new edition of the podcast. Keep the hard work. Gracias.