The Pipes Magazine Radio Show – Episode 17

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In past shows we’ve been talking quite a bit about pipes, and have had several requests to talk more on tobacco. So tonight, the tobacco fans will get some great info on how one of the largest pipe tobacco factories in the world operates. Our featured guest tonight is Cartoonist Jerry King. Jerry draws the cartoons for Pipes Magazine, Playboy, and several other publications. His grandfather was a pipe smoker, and he draws some inspiration from that. At the end of the show, Brian has a great rant about the hypocrisy of a hospital’s “Tobacco Free Campus”.

Tonight’s show is sponsored by, Missouri Meerschaum,, and Cup O’ Joes. Please give them some consideration when making your next pipe or tobacco purchase.

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Here’s the photo of the snacks found in the hospital, which you will hear more about in the rant at the end of the show – 

Jerry King (He actually IS a CARTOON!)

More on the Orlik Tobacco Factory in our 2-part Video Tour – 
Orlik Factory Tour Part 1
Orlik Factory Tour Part 2

Brian now wants to be called “Wolfman Brian”, and has changed his appearance.
(The show is going to his head.)

Kevin Godbee, Producer of The Pipes Magazine Radio Show in the Tampa FL studio

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11 Responses

  • Another great program Brian. Kevin, the pipe in your picture somehow looks familiar??? — Pittsburgh, PA

  • Hey Wolfman! Terrific show. Loved the conversation with Jerry. And, of course, Gate. You know, Monk and Coltrane were avid pipe smokers. Jost sayin’.
    (Chicago) Dino.

  • Great show, Dunhill Nightcap is my end smoke of the day. Nice to hear how it’s all put together. The aging mix is a a lot like the Perique process for continuity.

  • @seilerjp – Yeah John! That’s the 1933 Comoy Grand Slam I bought from you in the last few minutes of the Chicago show last year. I love that pipe!

  • The ‘tour’ of the Orlik facilities was fascinating. That’s the kind of subject matter that is so educational for us pipe smokers. I am looking at all my tins with more appreciation now. NiteCap is usually my end of the day smoke too. The interview with Jerry was a fun listen; few realize how challenging it is to make your living with the Arts.

  • Great show as always! Love the blues and while on the topic of pipe smoking bluesmen, how about some Albert King? “As the Years Go Passing By” maybe? Always up for some Monk and Coltrane as well. Good call Dino! To answer your question, I am listening up here in Newport, New Hampshire.

  • The show was well done as always. The guest was a little off the tobacco path, but Brian has said all along he intends to do that. I disagreed with the rant though. I never cared for the argument “if I can’t have something then the other guy shouldn’t have something”. I much prefer “if that guy guy can do that why can’t I do this”.
    The trivia question was rather easy, but I always appreciate them and some folks will find it very informative.

  • Another great show guys, thanks very much. There should be a law prohibiting pork rinds from even existing, never mind being sold in a hospital. Now if they could have a slow roasted pig over a pit in the cafeteria where people can come by and slice off a hunk of fresh crispy pork skin, that would be very cool.
    Listening from paradise in Sarasota Florida, current temperature 82 degrees.

  • Another great show Brian and Kevin. The description of your trip to the Orlik tobacco company was awesome. What made it more pleasurable was that I just happened to be smokimg a bowl of Dunhill Mixture 965 at the time and you mentioned that very same blend. What are the odds?
    And I didn’t expect to hear my name on the show! I hope you and your daughter enjoy the telescope you got. I appreciate the shout out for the ” kind words”, that made my evening! I almost feel famous… LOL.
    If you have any questions about Astronomy feel free to drop me a line! I’m almost caught up with the radio shows and always look forward to a nice bowl on the weekends when the nights are cloudy. Hence…. I am not outside staring at Jupiter in the sub zero temperatures.
    Listening from Bethlehem NH North of the White Mountians!
    Again keep up the great work!