The Pipes Magazine Radio Show – Episode 162

Kevin Godbee
Thank you for joining us for The Pipes Magazine Radio Show—the only radio talk show for pipe smokers and collectors. We broadcast weekly, every Tuesday at 8 pm eastern USA time and are available on nearly all podcast sites and apps. Listen on your computer, tablet, phone and even in the car! Our Featured Interview tonight is with Jesse Jones. Jesse is somewhat unique as a young modern pipe maker in that he favors the classic English pipe shapes, and makes them exclusively. He says; “I am of the opinion that since pipes are tools first and art second, form should follow function.” In "Pipe Parts", Brian will iterate how Albert Einstein’s pipe from The Smithsonian Institute’s exhibit is the most popular personal effect of the famous theoretical physicist. Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

Tonight’s show is sponsored by,,, Missouri Meerschaum,, Cornell & Diehl, and Savinelli Pipes and Tobaccos, and Please give them some consideration when making your next pipe or tobacco purchase.

We hope you enjoy our 1-hour show produced just for you—the pipe smoker and collector. The following link will launch a pop-up player. Alternatively, you can download the show in iTunes and other podcast sites and apps after the initial broadcast is complete here.

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Pipe Maker Jesse Jones © ShutterHog Photography

Albert Einstein’s Pipe

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6 Responses

  • Hi Brian,
    It is nice to see they display Einstein’s pipe even thought it is now politically correct. It is great to see that it is a popular exhibit. Nice article.
    Jesse Jones is a well known pipe carver. You can easily recognize his distinct appearance at a pipe show. As he said, it is important to keep the difference between the Chheda pipes and his ‘Jones’ pipes.
    Scrap Huntington – Punk Rock Piper – speechless
    Rant – Yes, fish and chips, must have tartar sauce & malt vinegar – a must.
    Nice show.

  • Great show as always Brian,I met Jesse at the NASPC show, great guy.The Cleveland Pipe Club was formed at the show and it’s going great so far.Have a great birthday.Keep up the good work,you are a great asset to our hobby.

  • The Einstein pipe has been popular at the Smithsonian since the day they put it out. I can’t say I give his pipe much credit for the development of any of his masterworks. Niels Bohr also loved his pipe so maybe there is something to great physicists and pipes.
    Jesse Jones is a tremendous carver. The progress he has made in 3 years is just amazing. Glad to see he is making great use of his college education. Well, maybe not, but he is putting his talents to great use. Teaming up with Premal is a great thing. It will permit Jesse to learn and grow at a faster rate and that is a good thing. Did we mention that Jesse was a winner in the last to KC Carving Contests?
    Maybe a pipe parts segment on Premal’s pipe studio (or whatever you want to call it) and the Nate King-Michael Lindner BriaLab? Nothing but good can come from these.
    The music was awful. There is a reason the guy goes by “Scrap”.
    Not a fish guy so I would never miss the Malt Vinegar. Applebee’s is about one step from Chapter 11 so they have bigger problems anyway.

  • Fast 5 questions. No right or wrong answers!
    What’s your favorite beverage? Ans. “coffee”…follow up…”you don’t put anything else into it do you?” Ans. “not typically” B.L. “phew!”…as if Jesse had used cream or cream and god forbid sugar! he was WRONG (somehow)
    I drinks me coffee like I smokes me baccy, I change it up betimes.

  • Awesome show. I am a recent listener (only been listening a few weeks). I just recently rediscovered my love of pipes and pipe smoking. I must say the interviews are awesome, I am learning a lot. About your rant on fish and chips; I am a chef and I completely agree with you. Malt Vinegar should always be used for fish and chips (haggis and chips as well). Also Malt Vinegar never spoils, all vinegar never spoils. The acidity is to high. If they want to save money they can go to the store buy 1 or 2 bottles and keep them in the back. If they say it spoiled because of the expiration date has passed, then they are falling into the trap of the food industry. Putting Best if used by dates on items that normally don’t go bad like rice, honey, flours, vinegar, and other dry goods. sorry for the rant but it just bugs me when a restaurant claims to be in the right when they don’t know.

  • i’m a bit behind, but great interview with Jesse. I loved the music, sounds like my favorite era, The 80’s metal scene! Poo on those who don’t appreciate his talent.