The Pipes Magazine Radio Show – Episode 12

We are pleased to bring you Episode 12 of the Pipes Magazine Radio Show. Our featured guest tonight is Steve Fallon, a.k.a “PipeStud”. Steve has a well-known consignment-auction business for estate pipes and vintage tobaccos for which he also has some great stories. Steve is a former sports caster and currently works for the Texas Sports Hall of Fame.

Tonight’s show is sponsored by, Missouri Meerschaum,, and Cup O’ Joes. Please give them some consideration when making your next pipe or tobacco purchase.

We hope you enjoy our 45-minute show produced just for you—the pipe smoker and collector. The following link will launch a pop-up player. Alternatively, you can download the show in iTunes after the initial broadcast is complete here.

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Steve Fallon

Brian Levine

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10 Responses

  • Thanks for talking a bit more about tobaccos on this show. Wish you would do a review or two each show on someones blend.

  • I have one of the graphite “the pipe” models. It actually smokes quite well. The interview with Steve Fallon was excellent. You could tell he was a broadcaster. He had some great stories too. I also loved the choir performing The Little Drummer Boy.

  • Another great broadcast. Steve Fallon is just a great guy and is a real asset to the hobby.
    How navy flake came about would take a while to explain. Seamen had to come up with a way of story tobacco aboard a ship that would not take up space or dry. Somehow they figured out how to do this by storing tobacco in cakes. When they wanted to smoke they would slice of a thin piece (e.g. a “flake”) of tobacco. When tobacconists found out what they had done and then duplicated it they called it a “navy flake”.

  • Greetings Brian:
    Pipe Stud – Consignments – seen him many times on e bay and it’s nice to put a voice to the face… What a natural for radio and great story teller! Royal Yaht, one I’ve yet to try – but Steve has peaked my interest.
    The choir music sounded good – puts one in the Holiday mode, perhaps I should go locate my Christmas Pipe… Till next Thursday…

  • As always, Brian, a fine show. The conversation with your guest gives, “Nice pipes, Steve” a double meaning.
    Kevin, I, too, have a couple of “the pipe.” I use them to taste new tobaccos. All you get is the unadulterated taste of the blend. I bought one back in the late 60s, and the other from Billie Taylor, the world’s greatest expert/collector of “the pipe”, at a Chicago Show, a few years ago. To find out more about these pipes, go to his site:

  • I forgot to mention that I have made several puchases from Steve and a better person to deal you cannot find.
    No one’s perfect because Royal Yacht is awful. :-))

  • I’ve listened to all 12 episodes, Brian. Enjoying hearing a SoCal native discuss this great hobby. Keep at it.
    One suggestion for the website: Make the showtime obvious. I’m sure it is listed somewhere, just not obvious to me.
    Best regards,

  • Another great show guys, thanks so much. Steve was great, he is a very funny guy. Years ago he used to hang out at a pipe BB with me and some friends of mine and he was always incredibly funny and a wealth of knowledge. It is great to hear his business is doing so well.