The Pipes Magazine Radio Show – Episode 109

Kevin Godbee
Thank you for joining us for The Pipes Magazine Radio Show—the only radio talk show for pipe smokers and collectors. We broadcast weekly, every Tuesday at 8 pm eastern USA time and are available on nearly all podcast sites and apps. Listen on your computer, tablet, phone and even in the car! Our Featured Interview tonight is with Quincy “Danger” Worthington. Quincy is is a pastor, active forums and social media participant, and long-time regular listener to the radio show. In “Pipe Parts”, Brian will recap the C.O.R.P.S. Pipe Show that took place in Richmond last weekend, and his travels last week with two Mac Baren executives leading up to the Richmond show. Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

Tonight’s show is sponsored by,,, Missouri Meerschaum,,, Cornell & Diehl, and Savinelli Pipes and Tobaccos. Please give them some consideration when making your next pipe or tobacco purchase.

We hope you enjoy our 1-hour show produced just for you—the pipe smoker and collector. The following link will launch a pop-up player. Alternatively, you can download the show in iTunes and other podcast sites and apps after the initial broadcast is complete here.

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Quincy “Danger” Worthington

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4 Responses

  • The Richmond Pipe show report was very interesting. As it may be turning out they may not be done there and I think most pipers are wanting the story on this. If they are really thinking about moving to a venue that doesn’t have a hotel immediately adjacent to it they are probably doomed.
    Wasn’t too excited about the interview, not that it wasn’t well done. Hard to get excited about listening to someone who I know nothing about go through his life story. Not much context there. And why to ministers always says they “Got A Call” when all that happened was they accepted a job offer. Are they referring to a phone call??
    I like Travis Tritt but that song was a little weak.

  • Hi Brian,
    OK, I was here last night, you and Kevin were not. Oh well, so much for great expectations. I just had to wait 24 hours.
    Good summary of the CORPS show. It seemed to me to be more of a buyers market than a sellers market. CORPS organizers did their usually superb job of carrying off a fun show. BTW, as usual, it was nice seeing you again. I agree with KCghost that a hotel adjoining a show venue is a must as is easy access for handicap people, and vendor loading/unloading.
    I do not know Qunicy. His path to pipes mirrors many of our own. I tend to agree that a pipe helps focus ones thoughts and enables the words to flow onto the paper.
    The Travis Tritt song was very nice, very lyrical with an interesting message.
    Rant – I’m even more of a light weight than you. If you actually have a drink with me, you are honored – it is a rare occurrence. BTW, I did offer to buy you a beer when it was free….

  • I enjoyed the interview with the Presbyterian pipe smoking pastor. I wonder if he has tried Presbyterian blend, one of my favorites. It has been nice to hear from these different members of the clergy throughout the radio show’s history. I think smoking is somewhat “spiritual” and pipe smoking with all of the accoutrements makes it a bit religious. All of the pipe people I have dealt with share a kindness and good will. I liked the realness of Quincy. Often ministers put on a false piety in order to try to please the people and themselves, but God knows the truth. Society has demonized smoking. It’s good to hear ministers who enjoy, support and speak about the pipe hobby.
    I’m guessing Walmart had a run on the movie “As Dreamers Do” since when you mention stuff it seems to increase sales. I bought a copy and enjoyed the movie. Good wholesome movie. I was hoping to see Walt transition to a pipe though.
    Brian your voice seemed smoother, or something. Maybe some new audio equipment or adjustments? Love the show and look forward to it every week.

  • Brian,
    Once again a great show. I love the interesting guests you guys always have on and that seem to fill our hobby. You mentioned the West Coast Pipe show and I’ve managed to get a few guys from my pipe club (The Collective Draw, Boise ID) to attend this year. A few questions for you, what ever came of your idea to have an after hours meet-up of listeners of the show Sunday night I think you said? Also is there a way to get a list of vendors/pipe makers that will be at the show? Sounds like a lot of ground to cover and was hoping to scope it out in advance. Looking forward to meeting you in person.