PMRS Bonus Show Food For Thought: Coffee Roasting

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PMRS Bonus Show Food For Thought: Coffee Roasting
This is an unedited conversation that is off the topic of our main show.  These bonus episodes are intended to generate a discussion and maybe give you more insight into an area outside of pipes and pipe smoking.  We hope that you will learn and maybe want to explore more in the subject after each episode.  These shows will come out every Friday for the time and our regular episodes of the Pipes Magazine Radio Show will continue to be made available on Tuesday evenings at 8:00 PM Eastern Time.
For this weeks Food For Thought, we talk with Pipe Maker, Jeff Gracik on Roasting Coffee. We hope you enjoy!

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Brian Levine, Food for Thought Host
Brian Levine, Food for Thought Host

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We hope you enjoy this bonus show.

Coffee Roasting with Pipe Maker, Jeff Gracik

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1 Response

  • It was a pleasant interview. The real problem was me: I do not particularly like coffee and drink maybe a cup a day with sweetener and cream. And that is not what coffee aficionados like to hear. Jeff was enjoyable and seemed to have a reasonable grasp on the topic. I especially enjoyed his comment about how reasonably good McDonald’s is when compared to Starbuck’s. For the life of me I can’t see what all the fuss about Starbucks is.