Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 611

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 611

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 611. Our featured interview tonight is with Parks Turner. Brian recently called for pipe smokers under the age of 30 that wanted to be interviewed. Parks is 24-years old, grew up in rural Georgia, and is a third-generation Presbyterian pastor. He recently received his Master of Divinity Degree. Parks was always fascinated with pipes. He would pretend to smoke a corn cob pipe when he was just seven, and started smoking pipes for real when he was 18 years of age. At the top of the show we will have an Ask the Tobacco Blender segment with Jeremy Reeves. Jeremy is the Head Blender at Cornell & Diehl, which is one of the most popular boutique pipe tobacco companies in the USA.

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Parks Turner
Parks Turner

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2 Responses

  • Bald chin Jeremy’s answer and discussion about the use of propylene glycol in tobacco blends was most informative.
    I really enjoyed your interview with Parks Turner. In the few years he’s been involved with pipes and tobacco he is quite savvy and forward looking. Parks’ questions for you and your answers were very enlightening. His southern politeness was so refreshing.
    And, Parks, congratulations on achieving your Master’s degree. May God continue to bless you and your family and guide your Pastorship.
    Park’s music choice was fabulous! Alexander Litvinovsky’s “Bronze Statue” from his suite “Tales From the Magic Tree” was stunning in its beauty (and yes, you pronounced it correctly). By the way, the piece is almost the same age as Parks. It was composed in 2001.
    I agree that there are weird pet owners out there, but if it fills a void in their life, so be it. There are plenty of weirdos among all specific communities, pipe collectors, pop star and sports groupies, fashionistas, gardeners, Mini Cooper owners, foodies and almost every genre of special interest. So chill, Brian. Just enjoy the humor in the theater of these folk.
    And thanks for another always entertaining show.

  • Nice to see Jeremy Reeves without the beard. I think he looks better without one, but I am sure he will have one back shortly.
    Parks was a nice polite guest. I do miss the manners of Southerners who are brought up correctly possess. I should have been raised so well, but you deal with the cards you are dealt. He seems reasonably up on pipes for not being in the hobby too long. He has been in pipes longer than his age would normally suggest but he’s been studying pipes long than most 24-year-olds. My younger self also couldn’t wait to get a Castello pipe. It didn’t disappoint either.
    I also congratulate him on receiving a Master’s degree. It is quite an achievement. I have one too, but in a more secular field.
    His music choice was enjoyable. The recommendation of Litvinovsky’s “Bronze Statue was inspired. I was expecting something a little more in my line of music but he “done good”.
    It is wonderful having pets. We have a lot of people in our neighborhood who have pets, and most are responsible owners. The other person not so much. We decided to get a couple of older female cats who are 7 and 8 years old respectively. We get along great with both of them. Now if we could get them to get along with each other.


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