Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 610

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 610

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 610. Our featured interview tonight is with Donovan Broadway. Last week, Brian called for pipe smokers under the age of 30 that wanted to be interviewed. Donavan is 28, grew up in Nashville and started smoking a pipe during the pandemic. During quarantine, along with his brother they came up with a comic series. The character Donovan created was “an older, wiser gentleman”, so it was decided that he should smoke a pipe. This lead to Donovan’s interest in actually smoking a pipe. At the top of the show, we will continue the virtual tour of Brian’s pipe collection with the Sandblasted Tsuishu Satou pipes. (Tsuishu are very thin multi-colored layers of Japanese lacquer that takes months to produce.)

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Donovan Broadway
Donovan Broadway
Sandblasted Tsuishu Satou Pipes
Sandblasted Tsuishu Satou Pipes
Close Up of Tsuishu
Close Up of Tsuishu

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2 Responses

  • I enjoyed the review of your Satou sandblasts. And, they are quite lovely pipes!
    Meeting Donovan was fun. It’s enlightening for us old farts to hear the perspective, relative to our common interest, of someone who is just recently getting deep into the pipe smoking community.
    Demon Hunter’s “Dead Flowers” was a surprising choice. I’m not into Christian Metal but the song was powerful yet melodious.
    Your message to the listeners about interacting with those who want our vote was spot-on.
    Thanks for a wide-ranging and entertaining show.

  • An enjoyable show. The pipe parts segment was an especially good expounding of your Tsuishu Satou sandblasted pipes. I greatly prefer the sandblasted finish of pipes over all others. Those six pipes were each exquisite examples of the form. I really like the set of pipes displayed. I usually don’t like the Dublin shape but those were beautiful.
    Donovan was a pretty good guest. I could tell you were hoping he would explain more on some of the answers he gave but what are you going to do. I suspect the main problem he was having was talking to an old guy and trying to explain himself. And he didn’t realize that he had geezers like me listening.
    I am sure we should communicate more with the people we could be electing but damn it’s hard. Most of those people are so incredibly dumb. It hurts me to even think about it.

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