Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 596

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 596

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 596. Our interview on tonight’s show is with Tyler Edwards from Levoy’s Leathers. Tyler is a commercial truck driver from Amarillo, TX. When he is not driving, he follows his passion for making handmade leather goods. The leather pipe accessories include pipe cleaner holders, valet trays, and leather pipe socks. He also has wallets, drink coasters, and passport holders. They all look beautiful and are reasonably priced. At the top of the show, we will have a Pipes 101 segment to discuss long pipes which include three of Brian’s favorite shapes.

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Tyler Edwards
Tyler Edwards

Levoy’s Leathers Website
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2 Responses

  • The only shape of those you detailed that I own and like is the Lovat (I pronounce it luv-uht as is in Lord Lovat). I don’t care for long pipes.
    Tyler was a delightful guest. He has an interesting history, for a young guy, and I enjoyed the discussion about leather making. His leatherwork is both handsome and affordable.
    “You Shook Me” by John Lee Hooker and B. B. King is a masterpiece!
    I’m quite aware of what you’re ranting about, and I completely agree.
    Thanks for the always entertaining show.

  • I am with Dino on long pipes, don’t like them. A five and a half inch lovat is more than enough for me. For some who are less than secure in their masculinity may like the long pipes but not me.
    I enjoyed Tyler as a guest, but you had so much ground to cover with him I felt you kind brushed over them. He does have nice set of leathers for people that desire them. I did like his pipes that are in the pickaxe and elephant’s foot shape.
    John Lee Hooker is an outstanding vocalist and I really enjoy him. B.B. King is a stellar musician but as a vocalist he occasionally leaves something to be desired. It was a superb song, nonetheless.
    Good rant even if I don’t remember it.