Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 593

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Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 593

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 593. Our featured interview tonight is with Truett Smith. Truett is the Pipe Manager for SmokingPipes.com, which includes buying pipes from large-scale manufacturers and individual artisans. He has been with SmokingPipes.com for five and a half years. He started in copywriting, then merchandising, and became the pipe manager / buyer in June 2023. Prior to working for SmokingPipes.com, he smoked pipes for several years, and was one of their customers. He’s been smoking pipes for 12-years now. He also plays guitar, and enjoys a good game of chess. At the top of the show we will have a Pipes 101 segment discussing the differences between the Bulldog and Rhodesian shapes, and their variances.

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Truett Smith
Truett Smith

The Pipes Magazine Radio Show features interviews with pipe makers, tobacco blenders, pipe and tobacco aficionados, collectors, and more. Episodes air every Tuesday.

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2 Responses

  • Thanks for the excellent description of the bulldog and its variants.
    The familiar young person’s pipe smoking experience that led to Truett’s path to Smoking Pipes, and his quick advancement, made for a fascinating conversation. I enjoyed the behind-the-curtain view of SP, and Truett’s insights on the industry.
    Scott’s choice of Galt MacDermot’s 1966 “Coffee Cold” was a wonderfully bluesy piano work by the composer of the music for Hair, and many other movie, theater, and TV scores. It’s been sampled by many.
    Your “Best By” rant was right on point. I always ask, “best for whom?”
    Thanks for an always entertaining show, the last from North Carolina. I hope the relocation was successful.

  • A good job in explaining the difference between a bulldog and the Rhodesian.
    Truett got a very early start smoking a pipe. I was somewhat shocked by his quick entry on to the Smopkingpipes.com team. I wonder if Chuck Stanion played a part in his hiring. He certainly his college major that makes you question his part of the team, but he certainly has panned out for them.
    Unusual music choice, “Coffee Cold”, but it worked fairly well. Surprising to me because I normally detest piano instrumentals.
    “Best buy dates seem to work a lot better upon things that are going to be consumed in a fairly short time frame. Milk and white bread seem to be logical choices for this type of notice.
    Seems like your move went well. Hope you enjoy being in Florida.