Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 591

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 591

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 591. Our featured interview tonight is with Jim Steffey. Jim is the owner and tobacco blender for Emerson Southern Forged Custom Tobacco Blends. He specializes in English, Balkan and Virginia/Perique blends, and hails from Moore, South Carolina. He has a YouTube Channel, Podcast and Instagram all related to pipes and tobacco. At the top of the show our segment will be about the most important pipe shape, in Brian’s opinion, of course.

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Jim Steffey
Jim Steffey

Emerson Southern Forged on IG
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2 Responses

  • Nice review of the billiard pipe shape and why it is foundational.
    (Where on earth did you get the billiard glasses reference?)
    Bill was a very congenial and interesting guest, with a fascinating back story. The conversation about tobacco and blending was quite informative.
    Perfect choice for seasonal music, Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” is a favorite of mine.
    Amen to your rant.
    Thanks for another always entertaining show.

  • Good review of the billiard shape. I can attest to the fact when carvers are presented with a request to make a billiard they hear “Give me your take on a billiard”. At the KC pipe show we did a contest on making the billiard. The carvers had from the time when we announced the contest until the pipe show started to make one. Over three months they had. They were told it had to be the billiard shape. Told them over and over. A total of 57 pipes were entered and exactly four them did it. Easiest pipe to describe and the toughest to make.
    The selection of Jim Steffey was priceless. About all you had to do was ask a simple question and get ready for the answer at length. Definitely a very enjoyable and humorous guest. I can emphasize with him on the first time he encountered G.L. Pease’s Westminster. For latakia lovers it was the equivalent of finding the perfect English. The Dark Lord, indeed!
    Vivaldi has never been a real favorite of mine, but his “Four Seasons” was a reasonable pick for the season.
    Good rant!!

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