Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 589

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 589

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 589. Our featured interview tonight is with Nick Masella, aka Nick the Producer Guy from the Get Piped Podcast, which recently surpassed 100 episodes. Nick is from Norfolk, VA. He served in the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets as a Company Commander and Training Officer, worked with Newport News Shipbuilding for four years, and is currently an Account Executive with Top Gear Tractor. Nick and his podcast partner Adam have been friends since high school, and Adam gave Nick his first pipe. At the top of the show we will start the tour of Brian’s pipe collection as requested.

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Nick Masella from the GetPiped Podcast
Nick Masella from the Get Piped Podcast

Get Piped Podcast

Brian's First Five Pipes
Brian’s First Five Pipes

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2 Responses

  • Loved the first chapter of “Brian’s Pipes”. I’m happy you decided to do this. More please.
    The conversation with Nick was a lot of fun, interesting and engaging. It made me want to seek out his podcast.
    KC Ghost’s choice “Beautiful Star of Bethlehem” was a lovely song nicely performed by Emmylou Harris. I wish I could find Alison Krauss’ version, but a wide and exhaustive search yielded nada. Where is it Dan?
    Tad’s pick of Dean Martin’s “Walkin’ In a Winter Wonderland” put a nice close to the holiday music.
    I totally disagree with Magnum 207’s comments. Those of us who have been listening for nearly 600 shows know what to expect and understand how, sometimes, the guest needs prompting and support. And, it is YOUR show.
    “Let There Be Peace On Earth” was the perfect coda for the program.
    Thanks again for an always entertaining show.
    I await another wonderful year of you hogging the mic.

  • The young Alison Krauss can be found on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/shorts/PevXblQwTns. She was at most 17 years old and still retained a little baby fat. thought your substitution of Emmy Lou Harris was a superb choice if you couldn’t get Alison’s version. Your choice of Dean Martin doing “Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland” was just wonderful. I was kind of surprised by you picking him.
    Nick was an engaging speaker who is pretty passionate about his podcast. I couldn’t get too fired up about his podcast because guys in their mid-20’s just don’t aren’t that interesting to guys like me who are in our mid-70’s. Yeah, I know its my loss.
    Very nice review of your first five pipes. Good choices you made. Looking forward to the next installment.
    I don’t know what podcast Magnum 207 was listening to, but it wasn’t this one. My god has he ever listened to “Country Squire” or to Mike Murphy??
    “Let There Be Peace on Earth” is a wonderful thought but tragically it is wasted on Humanity. We somehow always find someone who hates us and would kill us if they could and vice versa. Sadly, we just seem to thrive on conquest.
    On to 2024 and more of the same.