Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 587

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 587

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 587. Our featured interview tonight is with Pipe Artisan Jeff Gracik. Our regular listeners will know Jeff from our ongoing series, “Ask the Pipemaker”. Jeff makes J. Alan Pipes and is an expert, artisan pipe maker for 20-years. He is involved in a new line of pipes that are exact replicas of hand-made artisan pipes. Jeff is working with two pipe makers in China, GH Zhang and Ping Zhan, who have set up CNC Manufacturing / Machining. With this they can replicate complicated hand designed pipes. They will be limited production, co-branded pipes that are licensed and authorized by the pipe makers. The pipe makers get a cut of each pipe sold, and reach a new audience that normally didn’t have the budget for one of their hand made pipes. In Pipe Parts, Brian will review a tin of Sutliff Cringle Flake from 2020.

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Jeff Gracik
Jeff Gracik

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  • It was a fun, full episode visit with Jeff, who is always interesting, insightful, and entertaining. I found the discussion of CNC produced pipes quite fascinating.
    Riley’s wife’s song “Feels Like Christmas” was outstanding.
    Ah, Nat singing Mel’s classic. ‘Nuf said.
    Yes, yes audio tour of your collection!
    Thanks for a very heart-felt holiday message of sharing our bounty at this time of year.
    And thanks for another always entertaining show.
    Kala Christougenna! (Merry Christmas in Greek)