Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 579

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 579

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 579. Our featured interview tonight is with Richard Madley. Richard got into pipe restoration in 2020 when he found his late father’s pipes in a storage unit. He has some amazing before and after pictures on his Instagram of pipes he’s restored. Now he also makes his own line of pipes – Mad Pipes, which are beautiful. He’s been smoking for years, and he still smokes the vanilla cavendish that his father smoked for the wonderful nostalgia it conjures. He is a former U.S. Marine, and currently works for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. At the top of the show, and by request from PipesMagazine.com Forum’s member yanoJL, Brian will talk about Palate Fatigue, and how he refreshes his palate.

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Richard Madley - Mad Pipes
Richard Madley – Mad Pipes

Mad Pipes on Instagram

Forum Thread on Palate Fatigue

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2 Responses

  • Very good advice on palate refreshing.
    Richard seems to have his relatively new pipe restoration work well in hand. He also has an affordable service. Good luck to him on his pipe making ventures.
    I love “Viva Las Vegas.” Elvis, like the Rat Pack, defined Las Vegas entertainment.
    Yes, it most definitely behooves us to publicize pipe shows to our own social media contacts, especially if we plan to attend. And, as Brian says, do it as soon as you know you’re going.
    Thanks for a fun show.

  • Interesting discussion of palate cleansing. Never heard of using your toothbrush on your palate. Tried it and it seems okay. You do have to watch how hard you press down the bristles when you do it. We will see how it goes.
    Obviously, Richard is just getting started in pipe carving so I can’t say much about that. I was wondering about all the restorers that have come out of the woodwork saying their repairman. To me you’re not a repairman until you can take a broken shank, glue it back together and to the naked eye you can’t see a thing without 10X magnification.
    “Viva Las Vegas” is a fantastic tune with Elvis singing and sweet Ann-Margaret out front dancing. Elvis was a real star in his day. I am convinced for no good reason he was drafted out of spite and jealousy. Our parents were a real group of winners.
    I know we should publicize shows but sometimes no matter what you do it just don’t seem to work.