Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 578

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 578

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 578. Our featured interview tonight is with Reid Robertson. Reid is a relatively new pipe maker, but—get this—his first memory of pipe smoking goes back to when he was two years old. He started smoking pipes when he was 18, and starting making them in 2021. Pipe carver David S. Huber started mentoring him in the fall of 2022 and he is now making beautiful quality pipes. At the top of the show, we will have a Pipe Smoking 101 segment with a quite basic talk on the two main types of tobacco that are used for pipes. This will be an ongoing series that will become more detailed, and less basic as it proceeds.

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Reid Robertson
Reid Robertson

Robertson Pipes

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2 Responses

  • Simple, direct, and straight talk about the basic tobacco types.
    Reid’s early pipe experiences were fun stories, and his journey in pipe making sounds promising, with nice looking pipes at reasonable prices.
    A good music choice from Scott. (Scott didn’t know of Gram Parsons of The Byrds and Flying Burrito Brothers?) This song is from 1973.
    Good rant. It can’t be said enough…go to and support shows.
    Thanks for another always entertaining show.

  • Good discussion of Burly and Virginia tobaccos and how and where they are used.
    I enjoyed the interview with Reid. Surprising his tobacco memory goes back to when he was a toddler at Walt Disney World. Equally surprising was his wife in getting him started in pipe carving.
    Gram Parsons, who I never expected to hear on your show, was a wonderful musical guest. He was the equivalent of Bob Dylan except for his untimely death due to his usage of various illegal substances. Hearing Emmy Lou in his band was delightful.