Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 576

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 576

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 576. Our featured interview tonight is with pipe maker Jesse Kulp. Jesse makes the Oliphant brand of pipes. He’s been a pipe smoker since he turned 18 in 2001. He started carving pipes in 2014 and started restoring estate pipes in 2016. He resides in the state of Wisconsin. When he is not making pipes, or smoking pipes, he is smoking meat. At the top of the show we will have a Pipe Smoking 101 segment where Brian will review the pipe tamper.

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Jesse Kulp (Photo: Neal Osborn)
Jesse Kulp (Photo: Neal Osborn)

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2 Responses

  • Your “101” on the tamper, its necessity and operation, was brief but very nicely done.
    Like many of your “younger” guests, Jesse’s story probably elicited a nod of recognition by older smokers like me. Describing the development of his pipe-making technique was quite enlightening.
    Kevin’s musical choice, “Brother Louie” was a “blast from the past” that resonates as strongly today as it did in 1973. “Ain’t no difference if you’re (fill in whatever social or cultural diversity) …brothers, you know what I mean.”
    Pretty good definition of a friend. Here’s what Groucho once said, “When you’re in jail, a good friend will be trying to bail you out. A best friend will be in the cell next to you saying, ‘Damn, that was fun’.”
    Thanks for another always entertaining show. Yeah, that was fun.

  • The Pipe Parts on tampers was useful. I have a number of expensive tampers around, but they are all locked up. The only thing I use is the pipe nail, The only use I have found for a Czech tool is for the poker. It is very good at letting to excess air out of my lighters. But if I can’t find it, I can always use the pick in my Corona lighter.
    Your guest was interesting particularly in his story about living up-and-down the east coast as a child. I had the same deal in the 50’s. My old man was in the Navy and those guys didn’t think twice about relocating you. But my favorite place of all was when we lived in Key West. My god, it was paradise! As for moving, I attended 19 schools in 12 years. His back story on how he got into smoking was nice. Obviously, he was heavily influenced by his family and then by Tolkien. I swear that man has gotten more people into pipe smoking than anyone else. It is amazing the number of people who have said “I was watching Tolkien one night ……”. Hopefully he is getting some decent tutoring in pipe carving. Not good to continue with tools that maim a guy.
    Kevin’s music “Brother Louie” was enjoyable for a while, but then they branched into one of those interminable 4- or 5-minute breaks that rockers feel they must do.
    There are friends and then there are acquaintances. In last 40 years I have a had two best friends. It was great times when you have them but then one of them moved away and had a stroke and the other one, well, let us just say he isn’t a best friend anymore. No, pipe smokers are acquaintances and that is that.