Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 574

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 574

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 574! Our featured interview tonight is with Michael DiCuccio. Michael is the President of TinBids.com, “The Pipe Collector’s Auction Site” where you can buy and sell vintage and rare tobacco tins, tobaccos, pipes and accessories. He has been collecting for over 30-years, and has a personal pipe collection of over 1,100 pipes. Michael also has his own IT company and is a self-proclaimed “computer geek”.  At the top of the show we’ll get caught up on a backlog of emails and messages from our listeners with some great questions and comments. We will still have our regular mailbag segment at the end of the show as well.

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Michael DiCuccio at the Inaugural Las Vegas International Pipe Show in 2022
Michael DiCuccio at the Inaugural Las Vegas International Pipe Show in 2022

The Pipes Magazine Radio Show features interviews with pipe makers, tobacco blenders, pipe and tobacco aficionados, collectors, and more. Episodes air every Tuesday.

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2 Responses

  • Some good questions and cogent answers in the opening segment, “Mailbag catch-up.”
    Michael was a fun guest. His history up to and including the development of TinBids was quite interesting and revealing. It was a very lively conversation.
    “Holocene” by Bon Iver was lovely, both song and video. Good suggestion, James.
    Eleven years! Yikes! That’s like 24 solid days of my life!
    Thanks for filling those hours with always entertaining shows.

  • What a great show!! I rarely comment on Mail Bag entries but the first segment on the show was a decent group of questions by a lot of people who don’t normally comment. They had some good questions. During the regular segment I have to question the wisdom of the writer who said it was a great show but only gave you two stars because the transition music really bothered him. Crap on a cracker, dude!!
    Michael was an amazing guest. I don’t know what rock you found him under, but he was an amazing guest. I am hard pressed to think of anyone of his approximate age who tags himself as a self-styled “IT Geek” who is so damned personable. I thought this show of 72 minutes would drag worse than a hound dog, but it flew by. I am almost awestruck that he has 1200 Pipes. Why? Does he smoke a pipe once and then retire the bowl it. If he smokes one pipe per day, it will take him 3.5 years to complete a rotation. And he a has cellar to die for to boot?? If he needs a phantom uncle to move in with him and his wife, I’m available. I haven’t been to his site, but I believe I will take visit. I am sure it took quite a bit of effort to create the website. I am not surprised a bit in taking over 4 developers to create the site. Something as fairly complex as a website really takes some studying to do and you have to have really talented developers to do it. Thank God he had the experienced guy to say, “Screw it, we’re launching!”
    Your actual date of your 11th anniversary will be September 20th. And everyone was very enjoyable including the early ones.
    Dino, you must have the taste of a true epicure because you like everything.