Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 571

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 571

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 571! Our featured interview tonight is with Stefan Cashwell. Stefan is a part-time pipe maker and a full time musician. Looking at his pipes, you would never know that he has only been making them for a few years. They are real masterpieces created in standard shapes, standard shapes with an artistic twist, and some with a Danish design flair. On the music side, Stefan plays guitar, piano, and sings. Look for his album, “Peace Becomes a River” at BandCamp, or where ever you get your music online. It’s great music to smoke a pipe to. At the top of the show Brian will have a trip report from last weekend’s NASPC show in Columbus, OH.

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Stefan Cashwell
Stefan Cashwell

Stefan Cashwell Pipes on Instagram
Peace Becomes a River Album on BandCamp

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2 Responses

  • With reference to last week’s “corrected” Pipe Parts, asking Jeff about what drives him, the most telling comment, for me, was his take on holding the completed pipe, the physical satisfaction of his craft.
    I really enjoyed your “show report” of the NASPC Columbus Show.
    Stefan’s music backstory was quite fascinating and wide-ranging.
    He was a wonderfully well-spoken and entertaining storyteller.
    “Coming Home” is a lovely, inspiring song, nicely performed.
    Profound porcelain-privy pants precautions, Mr. Potty Potentate.
    Thanks for another fun show.

  • It was a great show!! The report on the NASPC Show was really terrific at describing the foot traffic at the show. Jeff and Eddie put in a ton of work on the show as do their army of volunteers. Was Premal Chheda at this show?? He was always one of my favorites of the Ohio Boys.
    Stefan was a surprisingly youthful. I had never heard of him, but from his name I thought he might have been from beyond the sea and little elderly. Instead, we got a home-grown lad from the Deep South. I do wish you or Kevin would at least give us a hint as to the guest’s age. I was amazed that this guy realizes that real country music always tells a story. Man, and the songwriters he cited from the country side that he grew up with were Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Tom T. Hall, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, etc. Truly great musicians, singers and songwriters. Then he falls in with the blandest music form that has ever been.
    The Potty Report would have been complete if you had mentioned “Ladies, please remain seated through entire performance” and “Gentleman, stand closer, the bowl is farther way than you think”. Men should definitely take a look around and not be too proud to wipe to up what missed the target.