Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 569

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 569

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 569. Tonight’s show will break out of our usual format in honor of the late Japanese pipe artisan, Satou Smio. Satou made high-grade pipes that are works of art, and wonders in engineering at the same time. He was trained in both the Danish and Japanese styles of pipe making, and combined both skill-sets in his masterpiece pipes. “Satou Smio, pipe maker, aged 79, died on July 16th, 2023, following a prolonged illness. While not as prolific as in his earlier years, he continued to make pipes until a few months before his death.” – From: “A Legend Passes: Satou Smio“. The author of that post is Sykes Wilford, founder and CEO of SmokingPipes.com, and he will join Brian for a memoriam for Satou for the entire show. Satou was interviewed on the show back in May 2016 on episode 192 here.  We will still have the end-of-show segments for music, mailbag and rant.

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Satou Smio and Brian Levine
Satou Smio and Brian Levine in 2016

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2 Responses

  • Your memorial show for Satou Smio was a wonderfully respectful, insightful, and fascinating look at this pipe master through the eyes and remembrances of two friends. Nice job Sykes and Brian.
    As we Greeks say, “May his memory be eternal.”
    Perfect choice of music.
    My advice to critics: “Don’t stone it, if you can’t own it.”
    Thanks for a thoughtful show.

  • Enjoyable show. Brian and Sykes reminiscing about someone they really admired was quite touching. It is always sad when you lose someone you thought a lot of. I think the only phrase other than the ones you covered is “Sayonara” which means goodby or so long in Japanese. Yasuraka ni nemuru, Satou.
    I guess we can refer to Brian as Brian-san from now on.
    The music wasn’t bad.
    When it comes to complaining I seriously doubt anybody can match the entitled among us. or the “Karen’s”.