Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 560

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 560

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 560! Our featured interview tonight is with Jon David Cole. JD is the Owner/Tobacconist at The Country Squire in Jackson, MS, and he is the former co-host of the podcast, Country Squire Radio, which ended their 10-year run earlier this year. There was a big event to close out the show that we’ll hear about, as well as JD’s first experience as a vendor at the recent Chicago pipe show. At the top of the show, we’ll have an extended “Pipe parts” discussion with two user submitted questions – one about aging tobaccos and if there’s any difference between topped and non-topped tobaccos related to aging, and the other asking for suggestions on how to slow one’s pipe puffing cadence.

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Jon David Cole
Jon David Cole

The Country Squire Tobacconist

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3 Responses

  • Some very sage advice in your answers to the “Pipe Parts” questions.
    Jon David was a fun guest. His insights and experiences at the Chicago Show were nicely detailed.
    Silk Sonic’s “Smokin’ Out the Window” R&B jam was a sad tale with very funny lyrics. I enjoyed it for what it is.
    Thumbs up on your rant. My doctor has no problem with my pipe and cigar indulgence, as he feels it’s a good break from my food indulgence.
    Thanks for an always entertaining show.

  • I hope your answers in the “Pipe Parts” segments helped the folks who asked them but for I always get topping and casing confused in my head. All I can tell them on slowing down there cadence is that it is best to learn this early in the game or else you are doomed to share the pain of a roasted tongue. Best thing I can tell them is not to pack the pipe so tightly.
    Jon David sure is a delight to listen to and it is nice to hear him discuss the failings of pipe smokers from an experienced point of view.
    I don’t know what to do with my doctor. Like Dino I carry way too much weight and all this guy wants to talk about is my smoking. For crying out loud I have been telling him the exact same thing for seven years, but he keeps bringing it up as if it is equivalent to ripping the hearts out of little babies.

  • Always a treat to hear that sweet southern voice, looking forward to future episodes with JD. I enjoyed the music. Bruno Mars is a little out my usual music taste, but I appreciate what hes done for pop music. I always considered him the modern day Michael Jackson. My 4 year old son has been singing Uptown Funk, and I’m sure you can imagine how that comes out.