Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 550

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 550

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 550! Our featured interview tonight is with Pastor Joda. This is the fifth in our series of interviews with “Journeymen Pipe Smokers” – guys that have been smoking pipes between five and 10 years. Joda grew up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and knew several people working in the tobacco business. Before he became a pastor, he had a graphic design business that took on a job from Scandinavian Tobacco Group, which left some pipe tobacco in his office. It wouldn’t be until years later that he would become a regular pipe smoker though. His pipe smoking journey will have you knowingly nodding, if not laughing a little. At the top of the show, Brian will report on his trip to Tennessee and The Muletown Pipe Show. Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

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Pastor Joda
Pastor Joda

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2 Responses

  • A very nice recap of the Muletown show; sounds as if you had a great time.
    Pastor Joda was a very interesting and articulate guest. I was impressed by his bright attitude and his pipe smoking back story. I also enjoyed the Jo and Brian Q&A.
    Dan Locklair’s lovely, modern classic, Symphony of Seasons, is always a welcome musical treat.
    YES! on your rant tips for email communications.
    Thanks for another always entertaining show.

  • You’ll have to hope that Pete lives up to his promise to get more space for the show. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time in the Town of Mules. Pastor Joda was a fine guest. Articulate and friendly. Sounds like he stays busy preaching to the brethren.
    All of us could do a much, much better job of rereading outgoing emails. Most times I look at mine and try to figure out which third grader has been whacking away on my computer. I’ll try to do better.