Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 539

Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 539

Welcome to The Pipes Magazine Radio Show Episode 539! Our featured interview tonight is with Matthew McCranie. Matthew is the third generation from McCranie’s pipe and tobacco shop in Charlotte, NC. Matthew tells us of the founding of McCranie’s by his grandfather in 1979. There’s a fun Florida connection including inspiration from Edward’s Pipe & Tobacco in Tampa, and some streets named McCranie in Lakeland. We’ll also hear about McCranie’s long-running, highly popular tobaccos, and how things have evolved from the early days. At the top of the show, Brian will give us a recap of his pipe trading from the Chicago and Columbus pipe shows. Sit back, relax with your pipe, and enjoy The Pipes Magazine Radio Show!

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Matthew McCranie
Matthew McCranie

McCranie’s Website

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2 Responses

  • That was a dizzying but very entertaining journey of pipe purchases and swaps on which you took us.
    Matthew’s memoir was a fascinating look into the McCranie’s Pipe Shop history and legacy. His discussion of tobacco “after McClelland” shows that good blenders and tobacconists can still produce quality products with what is available. Bravo Matt!
    I’m sure the reason you like the Lyric Suite by Thomas Dunhill is the wonderful interplay of bassoon and piano. Your good taste and a penchant for music featuring reed instruments will be invaluable in enjoying the lovely chamber pieces by Dunhill. Thanks to Dan for introducing your audience to a masterful but little know composer.
    Another spot-on rant.
    And thanks for an always entertaining show.

  • Your explanation of your numerous pipe trades was very informative and shows what you can do with a little knowledge and a lot of pipes. You always want to trade up in pipes. Thus, you thin the herd and upgrade what you have.
    I enjoyed the interview with Matthew quite a bit but if he’s the talkative one of the line his elders’ must be clams by comparison. Lord the guy was tight lipped. He took the right attitude when McClelland left the business. He went and found something that blended well with his products and didn’t spend a moment looking for the next McClelland.
    What can you say about the music other than it went on forever. Damn near took a nap. It was okay but you didn’t have to unload the whole thing on us.